The family of a man killed in a motorbike accident are hoping to claim £525,000 in accident compensation. The accident happened when the man was hit by another car that pulled out on him at a busy junction, whist he was riding his motorbike. The car pulled out into the road, giving the motorbike rider no time to react and avoid the collision. He sustained serious injuries in the crash and sadly died from his injuries later that day. The victim’s family are now hoping to be awarded compensation after the man driving the car has admitted liability for the accident.

Motorbike riders are extremely vulnerable users of our roads. They are 35 times more likely to sustain fatal injuries from a collision on our roads than someone in a car. A total of 328 motorbike riders were killed on our road in 2012, with a further 5,000 sustaining serious injuries. Accidents between cars and motorbikes are more likely to happen at junctions and roundabouts. Due to the vulnerable nature of these road users, it is important that everyone takes extra care on our roads and ensures that driving any vehicle is given our upmost attention.

Claiming compensation after a motorbike accident

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Published: 12th March 2014