A man has been awarded £6.1 million compensation after he was involved in a road accident abroad. Shane Booth sustained serious injuries after the motorbike he was riding collided with a tractor whilst he was away in Germany. Shane sustained brain damage and several fractured bones following the accident, and was left unable to walk. He is now hopeful that the compensation awarded to him will help with rehabilitation and help him rebuild his life.

He commented, “Securing these funds is a massive relief to both me and my family, as it means that I will continue to get the support and rehabilitation I need to hopefully continue to make further improvements.”

Motorbike and Road Accident Abroad Compensation

Unfortunately, motorbike accidents abroad are quite common on holiday and can have very devastating consequences involving serious physical and psychological injuries. Claims for compensation do not always have to be made in the country where the accident happened. If your road accident happened in Europe, the EU have directives which mean that European insurers have to appoint an agent in the UK to handle the compensation claim.

Claiming compensation after a holiday accident is a complex area of personal injury law. However, we have a specialist team of solicitors who have a broad depth of experience in this area. Call us for a free discussion on 0800 612 7340 and one of our specialist holiday accident lawyers will advise you on making a road accident or holiday accident claim.

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Published: 3rd December