Although statistics show that road accidents on UK roads are reducing, the sad situation is that many accidents still do happen, often changing people’s lives forever. Most of the accidents on our roads are caused by things that can be avoided and there are many precautions drivers take to reduce road accidents further.

Losing control of a vehicle

Many incidents and occurrences can happen that can have a detrimental effect on the control you have over a car. Driving too fast, ice, heavy rain, hail and snow can all cause driving conditions which could result in a loss of control.

Always ensure that you slow down and drive sensibly and in line with the conditions you find yourself in. The majority of accidents are as a result of losing control of a vehicle where the driver was going too fast.

Also, you should always check tyre tread and pressure, your brakes and the general condition of your car to ensure it is in full working order and not likely to contribute to a loss of control.

Drink and drug driving

Everyone knows the dangers of drink and drug driving. Research has however shown that many people do not actually know what the drink drive limit is in the UK, therefore the safest stance to take is to never take the risk.

Being caught drink driving can result in a fine of up to £5,000, a driving ban, a criminal record and sometimes community service, not to mention the increased risk of an accident and putting your own and other road users lives at risk.

Is that extra drink really worth it?

Taking risks

Sometimes it can be difficult to judge how far away another vehicle is when turning or trying to negotiate a busy junction or roundabout and many people take unnecessary risks to make a turning before another car.

You should never assume what another person is going to do in a situation as all drivers behave differently. Always have your full attention on the road to react to things around you as quickly as possible. You should leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front to allow for reaction time.

Rushing and not taking enough care

It goes without saying that when you’re behind the wheel, the only thing you should be concentrating on is the road in front of you. Unfortunately, in modern day life there are lots of distractions that can draw your attention away from the road. Mobile phones, changing the radio and talking to friends and family can all cause huge distractions and contribute to an accident. Therefore it is imperative to keep your full concentration on the road.

Further, with our ever growing busy lives, many people are rushing around trying to get to places as quickly as possible. Tailgating and overtaking dangerously can cause serious accidents. Leave plenty of time for our journey and never drive aggressively.

Not looking properly

Failing to look properly is the cause of over a third of accidents on our roads. There are many things that can affect our awareness. Tiredness after a long day at work, driving a route that you do regularly or being lazy behind the wheel can all result in people failing to look properly and becoming more complacent, resulting in road traffic accidents.

Drivers should always be alert and vigilant to everything that is going on around them. Look carefully at junctions and always have a keen eye for motorbikes and cyclists who can be harder to see on the road.

What to do after a road traffic accident

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, the most important thing first and foremost is to make sure you and any other people involved are ok.

It is important that you get the insurance details of all people involved in the accident, as well as getting the details of any witnesses to the accident. If someone else was to blame for the accident you may want to consider making a claim for road accident compensation.

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