The husband of a wife who suffered injury after an accident with a cyclist is calling for compulsory insurance for all cyclists.

Tom Dervin, wants cyclists to have insurance after his wife was struck by a cyclist when she was walking in Piccadilly, Manchester. Mrs Dervin was left unconscious and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance, where she had to undergo surgery to fix a shattered elbow. Unfortunately the cyclist did not stop after the accident and got back onto his bike and rode away. Mr Dervin commented, “It’s disgusting. The cyclist picked himself back up, saw the damage inflicted, leaped on his bike and rode off. Cyclists should be insured to make them more responsible for their actions.”

Currently, cycling accidents do not have to be reported to the police, unless a motor vehicle is also involved in the accident. There are a growing number of groups and individuals now calling for cyclists to be more accountable for their actions on our roads, to make them more aware of other people, and use the roads safely and responsibly.

The Highway Code does set out a number of rules that all cyclists should follow when using our roads. These include:

• Wearing the correct clothing (including a well fitted helmet, fluorescent clothing in day light, and reflective clothing at night).
• Bikes ridden at night must have a front and rear light.
• Using allocated cycle routes, advanced stop line, cycle boxes and toucan crossings.
• Cycling on pavements is not allowed.
• Extra care must be taken when passing pedestrians, allowing them plenty of room.

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Published: 27th October 2014