The charity Brake has taken a campaign to parliament to try and get a 20mph speed limit in all urban areas. Brake are a road safety charity, who’s aim it is to reduce road traffic accidents on our roads.

Their “GO 20” campaign aims to reduce speed limits in towns and cities nationwide. Statistics from cities who have already introduced a 20mph speed limit show significant reductions in the number of casualties, with Portsmouth reporting a 22% decrease, and Camden reporting a 54% decrease in crashes.

A survey by Brake and Allianz Insurance showed that 78% of people believe that the speed limit around schools, in residential areas and in the centre of towns, cities and villages should automatically be 20mph to protect vulnerable people and pedestrians in these areas.

The campaign is now hoped to gain the support of politicians at Parliament, and that the new speed limit will be introduced across the countries towns and cities.

The Deputy Chief Executive at Brake commented on the GO 20 campaign saying, “The GO 20 campaign is about defending everyone’s right to walk and cycle freely without being endangered, whether it’s to get to work, school, the shops, or just getting out and being active. We need to tackle the senseless and violent casualties that continue to happen daily on our roads, and we need to enable people to live healthy, active, social lives. It’s clear that 20mph limits in communities can help bring this about – and its clear this is what people want. That’s why so many local authorities are making the switch from 30mph to 20mph. With many people already reaping the benefits of living in 20mph areas, we’re reaching a point where it makes no sense to retain 30mph as the default limit in built-up areas. It’s time for the government to GO 20 nationally, to save councils money and help create safe, active, happy communities nationwide.”

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Published: 7th April 2014