The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) are launching a new initiative to encourage people to consider what they could be doing to prevent accidents happening and avoid needless injuries.

Injury Prevention Day is going to launch on the 19th August 2015. In its first year, the day is concentrating on the issue of tailgating and the consequences of driving too closely to the car in front. Their campaign “Back Off” encourages people to leave plenty of distance between themselves and other drivers. Their aim is “to make tailgating socially unacceptable in order to reduce perfectly avoidable crashes and painful injures.”

Our roads are extremely busy places, with an estimated 77 cars for every kilometre of roads. Tailgating significantly increases the risk of collisions and serious injuries occurring.

As part of this campaign, APIL are asking motorists to answer a one question poll about the correct stopping distances for different road speeds. You can take this poll

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we are specialist road traffic accident compensation solicitors. Having seen the devastating effect road collisions can have on people’s lives, we fully support APIL’s campaign to get people to rethink the way they drive and leave a little more distance in front of them when behind the wheel.

We are interested in seeing the outcome of their poll about stopping distances and will be watching for the results being released on the 19th August – Injury Prevention Day.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident as a result of another motorist driving too close behind you, we may be able to help you claim compensation for the injuries you have sustained. With over 30 years’ experience, Freeclaim Solicitors can help you to get the justice you deserve and provide you with the help and support you need whilst making a personal injury claim.

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