We have recently succeeded with a very difficult which had been abandoned by another firm before we were consulted.

Mr D was a 61 year old pedestrian who was using a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing. Before the green man signal was illuminated in his favour, Mr D stepped out to cross but was hit by an approaching motorcyclist.

Mr D sustained very serious injuries to his leg and was unable to return to work. An accident reconstruction report was obtained which suggested that the motorcyclist may have been exceeding the speed limit when the accident happened.

The motorcyclist had accepted in a police interview that he had seen Mr D waiting to cross the road, so we argued that he should have adhered to the Highway Code duties placed on road users who have observed the presence of a potentially vulnerable pedestrian. Instead of taking extra care and slowing down, the motorcyclist had wrongly assumed Mr D would not step out and so had carried on at an unsafe speed.

Mr D accepted that he was partly to blame for the accident but the Defendant motorcyclist and his legal advisors refused to accept any blame at all. After numerous flat denials of liability over several years, settlement was agreed at £70,000 in a meeting with the Defendant’s representatives. Mr D was spared the need to attend the trial which had been fixed to take place a matter of weeks later

Robert Jones, Senior Associate Solicitor at Freeclaim Solicitors, who had conduct of the file commented, “I am pleased to achieve a positive result in this very difficult case. Without doubt, Mr D had suffered very serious injuries. Had he accepted the conclusion of the first firm of solicitors he sought advice from, he would have received nothing. Fortunately Mr D was persistent enough to consult Freeclaim Solicitors for a second opinion. His determination paid off and we were able to apply our expertise to secure the compensation he rightly deserved. This substantial award of compensation will improve the quality of Mr D’s life. We are pleased that he can now put this  traumatic experience behind him. To all people who are injured through someone else’s fault, this case stands as perfect illustration of the importance of coming to an expert firm for legal advice.”

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