A woman who was involved in a serious motorbike accident has been awarded £55,000 after her motorbike accident claim.

Lucy Groom sustained serious injuries when a car pulled out on her whilst she was riding her motorbike. She was thrown into the air and sustained a break to her right leg, as well as several other injuries. The injury to her leg resulted in her requiring surgery to insert a metal rod into her leg. As well as this physical injury, Lucy also sustained psychological injuries following the accident.

After her successful motorbike accident claim, it is hoped the compensation will help Lucy to get the help she needs to get her life back on track. Her mother commented on the compensation awarded saying, “The accident was difficult to come to terms with at first and Lucy has still not fully recovered. However this compensation, while not healing the physical and mental scars, does go some way to help”.

Making a Motorbike Accident Claim

Motorbike riders are involved in many accidents and are one of the most vulnerable users of our roads. There is 35 times more chance of a motorcyclist being killed in a road traffic accident than someone in a car. As a result of accidents in 2012, 328 motorcyclists were killed on our roads and a further 5,000 seriously injured.

These accidents can have life changing consequences. Due to the gravity of a motorbike accident, it is essential that you speak to serious injury solicitors who have the experience in handling difficult and complex motorbike accident claims. At Freeclaim Solicitors, we specialist serious injury lawyers who have a track record of success in motorbike accident claims.

They will fight for the highest levels of compensation and offer support throughout your claim to help get early rehabilitation underway so that you can get your life back on track.

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