It’s the time of year when many people will be packing their bags and looking forward to going on holiday. Unfortunately, many holidays are ruined each year by holiday accidents and injuries. Sometimes, these can be due to someone else’s safety failings, for example by the hotel, at airports, whilst driving, on excursions and in restaurants when out and about.

Freeclaim Solicitors have looked at some of the more common holiday accidents that can occur both in the UK and abroad and compiled their top 10. These include:

1. Falls from balconies or walls

These can occur if balconies are not properly maintained or poorly designed. Many safety standards abroad are much lower than in the UK, so some walls may be inadequately guarded or supported.

2. Slips and falls on stairs

Stairs can be treacherous in any country, but quite often on holiday they can be more slippery due to the material they are made from, especially after cleaning or polishing, and because of a lack of warning signs.

3. Accidents in swimming pools

Areas around swimming pools can easily become wet and slippery, causing people to fall and sustain injury. Signs may not be easily found to indicate the depth of the pool, so care must be taken before diving into pools in case of shallow water. Accidents also happen where pools and drains have not been maintained properly.

4. Accidents involving glass doors and windows

Particularly abroad, the glass used is not always safety glass, with the same strength and safety as that which we would find in the UK. Also, sunshine can make it difficult to see glass patio doors, as reflections are not always visible.

5. Slips and falls in restaurants, bars and shops

Flooring can be slippery, particular if the floor is marble and has been recently buffed. Spilled drinks or dropped food that is not cleared away quickly can also cause people to slip and fall.

6. Road Accidents

Driving standards vary from country to country therefore each year there are many serious road accidents involving pedestrians, drivers, cyclists and moped users. Road accidents can also happen when travelling on local transport or by coach and taxi.

7. Slips in showers and bathrooms

Bathrooms and in particularly showers in holiday accommodation can be small and cramped and often do not have proper mats to avoid people slipping when the shower basin becomes wet and soapy.

8. Accidents in lifts and on elevators

Lifts that are not properly maintained can cause dangers to passengers. Lifts suddenly dropping between floors can cause injuries, as well as stopping at uneven levels to the floor when doors are open, which can result in tripping injuries.

9. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Detectors are rarely found in hotel accommodation, and signs and symptoms can be hard to spot. Be particularly vigilant on campsites and caravan sites, where people are more likely to leave lit BBQs or camp stoves emitting gases.

10. Accidents on cruise ships

With the ever increasing popularity of cruise ships, there has also therefore been an increase in accidents involving unsafe cabins and accommodation aboard cruise ships, as well as poor hygiene standards exposing passengers to unsafe food and drink. Also, there are many hazards aboard ships that can result in trips and falls and people sustaining injuries.

Thankfully accidents abroad or in the UK whilst on holiday are quite rare. If you have suffered injury or illness whilst on holiday, Freeclaim Solicitors can help and have the expertise to deal with complex holiday accident claims.

Whether you were injured whilst on a package holiday, involved in a road traffic accident abroad or had an accident whilst outside of your resort, call Freeclaim Solicitors for free and confidential advice on 0800 612 7340.