A couple who had their holiday ruined due to illness caused by unsanitary food have been awarded compensation. The couple went on a cruise holiday around the Mediterranean. However they and many passengers on the ship developed problems including stomach cramps, diarrhoea and lethargy after cleanliness levels on the ship were not kept to reasonable standards.

The couple developed sickness and diarrhoea whilst on board, as did their grandson, who also became ill. The wife commented on the standard of the cruise liner saying, “When we pulled up you could see how old it looked and you could smell sewage as soon as you got on board. The smell was awful, around the stairwell, by the lift, and as we set sail it actually got worse. There were buckets catching drips in the dining room and the theatre”.

After making a holiday illness compensation claim, they were awarded £3,400 between them by the travel company who were responsible for the cruise ship. The company have also had to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds out to other passengers who sustained similar illnesses whilst on board.

Clearly, this ship had not been maintained to a reasonable standard, and as such, was not a safe and suitable environment for passengers, giving rise to the potential of both holiday accident and holiday illness claims.

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If you have sustained illness or injury whilst on holiday you may be able to claim holiday accident compensation. Holiday accidents and illnesses, either in this country or abroad, happen all the time. Whether it is caused by unsanitary food and water, or a slip, trip or fall in a hotel lobby, you may be entitled to make a claim.

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Published: 14th May 2014