Thinking of riding a bike whilst on holiday? Be careful, as a fall can cost you nearly £18,000.

A recent report has showed that falling off a bike in the USA or Canada for example could cost an uninsured British traveller nearly £18,000 in medical bills, and as more and more people choose bikes and motorbikes to see the sights abroad, Freeclaim Solicitors are advising travellers to be careful.

Not only should you ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance, but also should the unfortunate happen and you suffer injury in a cycling accident abroad, ensure you’ve got the best legal team behind you with the expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve.

In a study by TravelSupermarket it was found that Brits travelling abroad who choose to take in the sights on a motorbike are risking an average of £7,000 if they fall off. Motorbike accidents lead the way in the most expensive injury claims abroad, with cycling accidents following closely behind and averaging around £6k.

Any accidents abroad could end up being expensive and life changing. The likes of tripping on stairs, falling in the bathroom and slipping by the pool made for example are in the top five most common holiday accidents.

Unfortunately accidents can and do happen abroad and sometimes even the smallest of trips and most minor of accidents can leave you seriously out of pocket.


Stephanie Hunt, a specialist solicitor in holiday accident compensation comments, “If you have been injured abroad, you must act as quickly as possible to increase your chances of a successful compensation claim. We have a track record helping clients claim after suffering injury through no fault of their own.”

Fortunately, Freeclaim Solicitors specialise in compensation claims for all types of holiday accidents and can help you get the compensation you deserve and recoup any medical expenses.

With a proven track record in obtaining compensation for clients who have been injured whilst on holiday, Freeclaim lead the industry in providing victims with the legal representation they need to get the compensation they deserve, quickly.

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