Holidays aboard cruise ships are becoming more and more popular each year and many people also go on cruise holidays for a special occasion. Around 1.79 million Brits went on a cruise in 2013 – equating to more than a 5% increase on the total amount of people who took a cruise in 2012.

As with most holidays aboard, passengers (and employees) aboard a cruise ship could be exposed to dangers of sustaining injury following an accident.

Freeclaim Solicitors have looked at the top 7 most common cruise ship accidents

1. Slips & falls

This can include accidents in guests’ rooms, dining areas, near pools, in bathrooms, stairways and on gangways when boarding and disembarking the ship.

2. Pool accidents

Badly maintained pools and Jacuzzis can be a hazard. Broken tiles could cause someone to trip, wet areas may make tiles slippery, poor filtration systems can reduce water standards and unclear pool depths can cause accidents.

3. Drowning or near drowning accidents

As cruise ships are sailing across oceans and seas, there is the increase threat of drowning accidents. Barriers surrounding decks should be properly maintained and checked, and life jackets and floats should be readily available.

4. Falling objects

Cruise ships are working moving ships; there are dangers from objects falling which are not adequately secured on main decks, in dining areas and cabins.

5. Defective equipment

This can include mechanical defects with the ship itself, as well as any equipment available to use aboard the ships (e.g. gym equipment, bowling alleys, climbing walls).

6. Injuries on planned excursions

Excursions regularly take place when a ship moors in different destinations and many holidaymakers usually take the pre-arranged coach. Accidents can happen both on the roads and at the destination points whilst sightseeing.

7. Food poisoning

Unsanitary food and water can cause passengers to become ill aboard the ship. Because you are also living in close quarters, food poisoning and holiday bugs can spread very quickly.


As cruise ships become more popular, more people are suffering injuries and accidents whilst on board. Stephanie Hunt, a solicitor specialising in holiday accident claims at Freeclaim Solicitors, comments, “Accidents on cruise ships are definitely on the increase. People need to be made aware of the dangers, so they can look out for them and avoid accidents happening. However, if an accident does happen, we are here to help you”.

At Freeclaim Solicitors we have specialist holiday accident claim lawyers who have the experience to help with cruise accident claims. We have a wealth of experience in this complex area of personal injury law and will advise you on whether you can bring a claim.

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