New rules are to be introduced in the Premier League with regards to head injuries, starting in the new season. The decision as to whether a player can continue playing after sustaining a head injury will now be down to a doctor, rather than team management.

A few of the news rules to be introduced include:

  • After sustaining a head injury, a player has to leave the pitch. They cannot be assessed there and then.
  • The final decision as to whether a player is fit to go back onto the pitch will be with a doctor, not team management or the player themselves.
  • There will be an additional doctor at games who will be watching out for potential head injuries, and watching collisions back to fully assess the extent of head injuries
  • A new campaign will be released by the FA, as well as the Football League, PFA and LMA to raise awareness of head injuries and the consequences of them.
  • Further research will be done on key matters in relation to head injuries which will be shared with all Premier League club doctors.
  • All players must be assessed every 12 months so doctors can check their potential recovery time in case of concussion.

This move in football paves the way for many sports, and raises awareness for the dangers of carrying on playing after sustaining a head injury. A spokesperson for Headway, a brain injury charity, commented on the new rules saying, “It is an important step in the protection of footballers at all levels, especially grass roots. It’s vitally important we lose this culture where it’s brave and courageous to play on. Concussion is an evolving injury with symptoms that may take time to manifest, and if you don’t get it properly assessed, it may be too late”.

Paul Pike, a serious injury lawyer at Freeclaim Solicitors welcomes these changes. “It is about time that head injuries in football and other sports are recognised as a serious injury. All too often in the past, players have gone back onto the pitch without full assessment and have been at risk of sustaining much more serious injuries as a consequence.”

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