Disabled Access Day is taking place from the 10th to the 12th March 2017. The day is about encouraging people with a disability to visit somewhere new.

But what can you do to improve accessibility to your business? Disabled access isn’t just about having access for wheelchair users, but for any person with a disability, no matter what that disability may be.

We’ve looked at a few areas you should consider to improve the accessibility of your business.

Parking Spaces

Are there designated spaces for disabled parking that are easily accessible? These should be kept clear for the use of people with a disability.

Level Access

Is the surface to the main entrance to your building flat and easy to negotiate, or are there appropriate ramps in place?


Is there sufficient lighting externally and internally? Paths and car parks outside the building should be well lit, as should rooms and corridors inside the building.


If your building is more than one storey, is there a lift available? The lift should be in good working order and regularly maintained.


Are there accessible toilets available? These toilets should have an emergency alarm which is tested regularly.

Corridors and Doors

Are these wide enough for wheelchair access? Corridors and doors should be kept clear of obstructions to allow for easy access.


Are your signs clear to read and placed where people will be able to see them? It is also a good idea to include braille or raised lettering on signs to help people with problems with their vision.

Reception Areas and Waiting Rooms

Are there correctly designed seats and areas for people with a disability? A mixture of seats is beneficial for people with a range of different disabilities.

Emergency Procedures

Are there procedures in place to alert people with sight or hearing problems if there is an emergency? Is there an evacuation chair if the lifts are out of order in the event of a fire?


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