At Freeclaim Solicitors, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and fighting for justice for our clients. Our expert personal injury solicitors fight relentlessly to ensure our clients receive the injury compensation they deserve.

We have recently had two excellent results at trial on claims which were extremely difficult and that many solicitors would not have been willing to proceed with.

One accident occurred when our client was walking along the steps at Blackpool promenade and a repair to the steps gave way underfoot, causing our client to sustain injury.

Blackpool Council denied liability on the basis that the repair was made 4 months prior and had been inspected monthly thereafter and was deemed to be in good condition. The steps form part of the sea defences and are exposed to extreme weather and tidal conditions.

Our client’s case was that the repair was carried out negligently and should not have failed within such a short time frame. It was argued that the post-accident repair was still in place over 2 years later. Furthermore, the Defendant could not confirm the specific materials used when making the repair.

The Court found for our client on this basis. We handsomely beat our previous offer of £12,000 and costs and damages were awarded on an “indemnity basis”. The case settled for a total of £13,830. Our client was delighted with the outcome and it was an excellent result all round.

We have also had success at trial in Liverpool in an unusual case. Our client was injured when he missed his seat at his local Wetherspoons! Unbeknown to our client the seat was actually a swivel seat and connected to the frame of the table. The seat was not fully extended when he went to sit and the seat unexpectedly moved away from him as he went to sit, causing him to fracture his coccyx.

The Defendant denied liability on the basis that the seat was not dangerous and our client was the author of his own misfortune.

However, we argued that the seating was unusual and unsafe for use in a public house. The court agreed and found for our client. We obtained a larger amount of compensation for the client than originally proposed to the other side to settle; and in addition, the court awarded compensation on the more generous scale available to it called the “indemnity basis”. In short – our client was able to get more compensation than they had originally agreed to settle for. The case settled for over £8,000.

Emmett Doherty, Solicitor at CFG Law, commented, “I am delighted with both results at trial. These cases were difficult to argue liability and we had to successfully prove that someone else was at fault for the accidents occurring. The defendants did not want to back down, and we had to provide in-depth evidence as to why our clients deserved compensation from the defendants for their injuries.”

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