The legal profession has changed drastically over recent years and competition for paralegal and trainee solicitor roles is fiercer than ever. Freeclaim Solicitors share their 25 years’ experience of the key skills that you need to succeed in the profession today.

It should go without saying that communication is key. However in our experience, we have seen many candidates who lack basic communication skills. To pass the interview, you will always need to demonstrate excellent oral and written skills, coupled with good interpersonal skills.

Client care is fundamental and the way you communicate and interact with clients is a crucial part of your career development. Freeclaim Solicitors specialise in personal injury, therefore we always look for candidates who communicate clearly and professionally, but are also friendly and sympathetic to a client’s needs after an accident.

The most successful paralegals and trainees are ones that can build ongoing rapport with not only clients, but also colleagues. Bringing energy and enthusiasm to the role shows both the client and your bosses that you are committed and more importantly interested in helping them.

A key part of being able to communicate effectively is also being able to listen – often a skill lacking in many interviewees. Effective listening encompasses being able to understand information, fact find and analyse what information is important. This is often demonstrated by clear and succinct written instructions focusing on the key facts of the case.

Developing good communication skills should start from your school days. There are a number of ways to develop your communication skills and demonstrate these to potential employers. For example, experience gained in part time jobs, volunteer work, taking part in extra-curricular activities and being immersed in school and university life in general.

Of course not every law firm will be looking for exactly the same qualities therefore you should always research the company. Nicola Hughes, Senior Associate at Freeclaim Solicitors comments, “Communication is just one of many skills you will need as a paralegal or trainee. Attention to detail, commercial acumen, teamwork and analytical skills are all important skills demonstrated by the more well rounded and successful solicitors”.

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