6 Top Tips to Avoid Illness and Accidents on Holiday

The holiday season is fast approaching and many people will be jetting off to places near and far to take a break. If you are planning to take a break abroad this summer, here are Freeclaim Solicitors top tips to staying safe and avoiding accidents and illness whilst you are away.

Holiday Illness and Food Poisoning

We’ve looked at some common causes of food poisoning abroad, as well as what you should do if you suffer holiday food poisoning and what foods you should try to avoid.

Tips for hiring a car and driving abroad

Many people will be jetting off abroad on holiday this year, and will be hiring cars and driving whilst they are away. If you are planning on driving whilst you are away this year, here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip.

Driving abroad – what you should think about

Although hiring a car when you’re away can increase your freedom to explore and see more places on your own terms, it is important you are fully prepared for driving in your holiday destination. It’s your responsibility as a driver to make sure you are fully informed and understand the rules of the road for the country you are in, and you are confident on their particular driving laws to maintain the safety of yourself and other people around you.