Personal Injury Claims – Is There A Claim Culture?

A recent survey has shown that despite the media’s conclusion that we now live in a ‘claim culture’, personal injury claims for compensation are still viewed by the majority as being ‘fair’ if someone has been injured as a result of an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Accidents At School Compensation

Recent figures show that Lancashire County Council has paid out thousands of pounds worth of compensation to children who have sustained injury as a result of accidents at school.

Pothole Accident Hazards for Cyclists

As the weather turns colder it is inevitable that more potholes will appear on our roads. These potholes are hazardous to any road users, but can have particular consequences for cyclists.

New Accident Statistics Report

A recent report by the South West Public Health Observatory (SWPHO) shows comparisons of accidents and injuries across England and highlights regional variances, but also highlights the harrowing facts that there are nearly 11,000 fatal accidents each year which could be preventable.