Pot hole dangers for cyclists

City Councils across the UK could face compensation claims if they don’t do more to improve the conditions of their roads. Cycling is growing in popularity; both as a recreational sporting activity, as well as a greener way to travel. As road users become savvier about the effect that their cars have on the environment, […]

Could this be an end to unsolicited claim calls? We hope so!

With the announcement that new powers are to be handed down to the Ministry of Justice’s Claims Management Regulation Unit (CMRU), those annoying text messages stating “Act now! We have £4,000 in compensation waiting for you” or “For a free iPad, text this number and claim compensation for your injuries” etc. could be a thing […]

3 Top tips to increase your chances of compensation for a pothole injury

Despite the government’s announcement of a £6 billion fund to help reduce the amount of potholes across the UK’s roads, 1000’s will still be injured each and every year due to these dangerous defects. Pothole injuries are a cause for serious concern for all road users, with CTC – the National Cycling Charity reporting that […]

Freeclaim Solicitors urge people to claim the accident compensation they deserve

After an accident, claiming compensation may not be the first thing on your mind. Most people will want to concentrate on recovering from their injuries before speaking to a solicitor about making a claim for personal injury.

However, when the time comes for accident victims to consider whether to make a claim for compensation, there can be many factors that may influence whether someone makes a claim or not.

Health and Safety Myths

Freeclaim Solicitors investigate some of the biggest health and safety myths currently doing the rounds based on recent cases heard by the HSE (the Health & Safety Executive).