Veterans who have spent their career serving our country are being denied quick access to justice and injury compensation due to increased waiting times when dealing with the MoD (Ministry of Defence). UK Veteran, Alex Ford formerly in the RAF has described the process of waiting for injury compensation claims to be dealt with as a “form of torture” and “adding to the mental anguish”.

The MoD however say that the time it takes for service men  and women  to claim military compensation after suffering injuries whilst serving had reduced in recent years, but due to a rising number of claims and fewer staff,  they are aware that there are delays in the system.

Mr Ford commented, “You could go to any number of Veterans who are making a claim against it and talk to them and every one of them would say that (the waiting time) is farcical. For anything other than a plain and simple clear-cut case you are talking at least a year for anything to happen”.

The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association said that waiting times had now increased to 219 days. Clearly, serious delays in the system are unacceptable and all injured Veterans deserve this compensation as quickly as possible after sustaining injuries whilst in service.

Long waiting times for armed forces compensation are not acceptable

Nicola Hughes, a senior solicitor with expertise in military compensation claims at Freeclaim Solicitors, commented, “All of these people have served our country, and it is simply not acceptable for them to have to wait long periods of time to receive compensation for injury. Many military compensation claims are serious and life-changing and veterans need quicker access to treatment, rehabilitation and financial compensation. I would recommend any veterans who have sustained injury whilst in service to speak to a specialist solicitor immediately.”

Freeclaim Solicitors have expert knowledge in dealing with armed forces compensation claims after illness or injury. We can quickly assess if you have a claim against the MoD and quickly help to bring a claim for compensation. We will guide you through the process, taking away the stress and worry, giving you the time to recover from your injuries.

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