We all know the importance of keeping children safe around busy roads, but unfortunately, accidents do still happen. These can be as pedestrians, whilst cycling, as well as in cars themselves.

During Child Safety Week, we’re looking at what we can all do to improve child safety and prevent accidents from occurring.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Always teach children the Green Cross Code and how to safely cross roads.
  • Make small children hold your hand or use safety reigns to stop them running away unexpectedly.
  • Make sure older children know the risks of becoming distracted by mobile phones and listening to music whilst crossing the road.
  • Wear reflective or fluorescent clothing to help drivers to see you.

Car Seats

  • Always ensure you have the correct car seat for your child’s requirements. This can differ dependent on your child’s height and weight.
  • You should always ensure any car seat is installed correctly.
  • For older children, always ensure they are wearing a seatbelt.

Cycling Hazards

  • Each year, many children are killed or seriously injured whilst cycling on our roads.
  • Always ensure your child wears a helmet when cycling to help protect them from a head injury should they be involved in an accident.
  • There are also courses children can attend to teach them how to ride safely on roads and gain experience.
  • Make sure bikes have a working bell, lights and reflectors.

Watch your speed

  • Lowering your speed around areas where children may be (such as schools and parks) is vital to improve safety.
  • Travelling at a lower speed will mean you have more time to react and potentially avoid an accident from occurring.
  • If a child is hit at 40mph, they have an 80% chance of dying. If they are hit by a car travelling at 20mph, they have a 95% chance of surviving.

If your child has sadly been injured in a road traffic accident, speak to one of our specialist compensation claims solicitors. We can advise on making a claim, whilst supporting you and your child in their recovery.

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