Did you know that one of the top reasons people don’t claim compensation for personal injury, is due to the fact they are believe their injury isn’t bad enough?

According to a study by YouGov, where over 2,000 people were asked about compensation claims, 35% of those who were involved in an accident or have suffered a personal illness/disease through no fault of their own, believed they did not have a viable compensation claim even though experts revealed they had a strong case.

Surprisingly, the survey also found that over 7% of people involved felt that ‘making a claim would be too time consuming and too lengthy a process’, with 5% stating their concern about incurring costs.

Freeclaim Solicitors are specialists in personal injury and advise anyone who has been injured to seek advice as quickly as possible. Freeclaim Solicitors offer free, confidential advice therefore there is no cost whatsoever in seeing whether you could have a claim. Plus, ‘no win no fee’ also means that there are no financial risks – if you lose your claim, you don’t have to pay a penny.

Alastair Fernie, Managing Director at Freeclaim Solicitors offers his opinion on YouGov’s findings: “The media all too often attaches a type of stigma to those making a compensation claim. If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you should not feel embarrassed about seeking advice. The law was designed to help people after an accident, to reimburse them for any losses that they may have incurred as a result of their accident, as well as help them with treatment fees to fully recover from their injuries. Many people really struggle financially due to taking time off work to recover after an injury, therefore it’s vital that you seek independent advice as soon as possible. ”

The study suggested that at least a third of people suffering from a personal injury, illness or disease are scared to make a claim or simply do not bother, feeling they have no chance of compensation, when in fact most people have a strong and very much viable injury claim for compensation.

Freeclaim Solicitors understand many may feel nervous about making a claim, or may even feel like they have no one to turn to. Freeclaim Solicitors are industry leaders in personal injury compensation claims, and have been successfully winning compensation for their clients for over 30 years.

By offering no win, no fee legal representation, Freeclaim Solicitors ensure that not only are all enquiries free and confidential with no obligation, but thereafter there are no costs should the claim be unsuccessful and therefore there is no financial risk of being out of pocket.

Freeclaim Solicitors specialise in obtaining compensation for their clients with all types of injuries, including more serious injuries and many clients who at first did not believe they would have a claim. Freeclaim Solicitors also have membership of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel, APIL,  are recommended as a leading law firm by the ‘Legal 500’ and therefore have the experience to help you win your claim.

All it takes is a phone call to discuss your injury claim with one of our expert solicitors.  You have nothing to lose and compensation could be waiting for you. Call our 24 hr freephone advice helpline on 0800 612 7340 now.