Every year, millions of Brits visit festivals up and down the country and foreign tourists also flock to our shores, eager to sample our musical heritage.

Glastonbury, Creamfields, Reading and Leeds, V Festival, Beat-Herder,  T in the Park, Bestival…so many fantastic festivals to chose from!

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we love music festivals  and we have therefore created this helpful guide to having fun and staying safe this summer.

Knowing and accepting

Some things are a given at festivals – learn to know and accept them and you’ll still have a great time:

1.       You WON’T get to see every single act you want to watch.

2.       You WILL lose your friends at some point in the crowds.

3.       Your phone battery WILL die at a crucial moment.

Embrace these facts and you can still have a great time!

If there is a band you are particularly keen to see, make sure you arrive at the stage they are playing early (ideally at least one act before), that way you’ll get in, find a good spot and avoid the crowds who are crushing around the entrance trying to get in for a popular act.

It’s also wise to commit to a meeting place and time with your friends in case you become separated. Pick a landmark which is easily spotted over the crowds and meet nearby at a given time.

We are all guilty of having multiple apps on our mobile phones and they are guaranteed to drain your battery life. At a festival, switch off any unused apps and other features such as data roaming, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. As much as we love Facebook, retaining the ability to call someone in an emergency is much wiser than browsing what your friends are up to on social networks!

Drink lots of fluids

Water! Often at Festivals you can be exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Therefore it is really important that you drink lots of water as your body will lose liquid at a surprising rate and you will become dehydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include:

·         Increased thirst

·         Dry mouth and swollen tongue

·         Weakness

·         Dizziness

·         Palpitations (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding)

·         Confusion

·         Sluggishness

·         Fainting

Dehydration can be extremely serious, make sure you don’t become a victim of dehydration.

The great debate – Waterproofs V flip-flops

Let’s face it, we all love the UK dearly – but the weather is temperamental to say the least! So when you’re packing, cover all eventualities and take waterproofs, as well as shoes and clothes for warm weather.

If you get caught out in torrential rain you should try to find shelter and make sure you change your clothes for something dry at your first opportunity. Wet clothes will make you feel cold quickly and when temperatures drop at night time, hypothermia can set in if you stay wet and cold.

Although we love the sun, remember that sunny weather can be . Make sure you pack a hat to keep the sun off your head and wear LOTS of sun cream. Reapply frequently – don’t just reply on one application in the morning to last all day.

Be drink aware

Of course it can be tempting to enjoy one too many drinks when you’re having a good time with your friends. But don’t go overboard. Drinking too much will stop you from enjoying the experience of the festival and will put you more at risk of injury. Look out for your friends too and never drink anything offered to you by a stranger – it could be spiked!

Say NO!

Sadly, as in all walks of life, there will be people out there who are trying to profiteer from others or who will take advantage if you are vulnerable.

This includes selling drugs. Remember, so called ‘legal highs’ are just as dangerous as Class A or B drugs – even fatal, so say NO to drugs!

Also stand up to anyone who is behaving in a predatory way. Your body is your own and you should say NO – loudly, if someone is behaving in an inappropriate way towards you or one of your friends. If possible, stick together in friendship groups and don’t be persuaded to go off on your own with someone you don’t know.

Show some respect

At festivals, you are likely to meet lots of  like-minded people – so make friends and have fun. However, certain things are likely to upset others, such a smoking in crowds, drinking to excess, jumping queues and talking during sets (especially those acts which are calmer and quieter). Avoid upsetting other people unnecessarily. Fights are not fun for anyone and the last thing you need is a trip the the local hospital whilst everyone else goes on enjoying the festival.


We are sure you’ll have a great time at whichever festivals you visit this season. But remember, if you have  accident that isn’t your fault, we can help you to make a claim for compensation. Call us FREE, 24 hours a day to speak to an expert solicitor on 0800 612 7340.