The Ministry of Defence (MoD) have paid out compensation to horse riders after accidents that occurred due to noisy aircrafts scaring horses. Horse riders have been paid thousands of pounds in compensation after they have been injured as a result of their horse being startled by low flying helicopters. The total in compensation paid out last year by the MoD for this type of accident was £680,000. The largest amount paid out was for £83,125 to someone who sustained head injuries after a horse, scared by a Chinook Helicopter, ran into them and knocked them over.

In three other claims, riders claimed compensation for injuries as a result of being thrown from their horses, which were frightened by the noise of several different types of aircrafts. The MoD have also previously paid compensation to people whose animals have died after being startled by the noise of the aircrafts.

Have you been involved in a Horse Riding Accident?

Horse riding accidents are quite common, given the nature of the animals involved. Sometimes however, an accident whilst horse riding can be due to someone else’s negligence, rather than the innate behaviour of the horse.

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Published: 9th January 2014.