Freeclaim Solicitors have recently succeeded at trial, winning a difficult occupiers’ liability compensation claim.

Our client was leaving a leisure centre when she tripped on steps which resulted in her badly twisting her ankle.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors argued that the steps were unsafe, due to the gradual increase in the rise between the pavement and the steps. The step that our client tripped on had previously been painted yellow to indicate the change in level. However, the paint had considerably faded away, so our client did not notice the change in level.

The Defendants denied liability and argued that the client’s injury was due to her not looking where she was going.

The Judge agreed with Freeclaim Solicitors and resolved that the step was dangerous, and that the leisure centre had a duty of care to maintain the paint on the step to warn visitors of the change in level.

Due to this breach of duty, the leisure centre was ordered to pay £4,250 in damages to our client for her injuries.

Occupiers’ Liability Compensation Claims

Occupiers’ Liability claims involve accidents that occur on someone else’s land or property – including for example, slips in supermarkets, shops, pubs and bars, accidents in hotels abroad, accidents in play centres, car parks and also accidents on school premises. The “occupier” (the person in control of the land or premises) must take reasonable care for the safety those who are on it.

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Published: 19th December 2013