A 23 year old guitarist who was electrocuted when he was doing a sound check aboard a ferry has been awarded £6,400 in accident compensation. Dominic Zyntek was due to play aboard the ship in a

tribute band. He arrived for a sound check and plugged his guitar in, which then electrocuted him for 2 minutes and he was left with burn injuries on his hands.

The equipment he plugged his guitar into had been looked over earlier that day by engineers after the band’s manager had been electrocuted the day before. The engineers had given the green light for the equipment to continue being used.

Mr Zyntek commented on his injuries saying, “I honestly thought I was going to die, it was like being burnt alive for a few minutes and the resulting burns on my hands were extremely painful. I was left with horrendous burns on my hands. I was worried I’d never be able to play guitar again”.

The accident happened because inadequate health and safety procedures were carried out by the ship owners. If a full safety check has been done on the equipment, the initial accident involving the band manager could have been prevented. For a further accident to then happen with the same equipment is unacceptable.

Claiming accident compensation due to faulty work equipment

Faulty equipment causes many accidents each year. Any equipment or machinery used in any line of work should be fully assessed for dangers. Failing to assess these things adequately can result in serious accidents happening. All employers should ensure that any equipment used by their staff is in full working order.

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Published: 17th March 2014