The Government have announced proposals for further changes to the legal system surrounding personal injury claims in relation to companies offering cash incentives to entice new clients to claim.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has proposed to ban cash incentives such as lPads, upfront cash advances and shopping vouchers to new clients in a crackdown on fraudulent claims. These cash incentives are believed to be encouraging people to put forward claims, despite no real claim being apparent.

The move may cut down on fraudulent claims, however it is then up to the Insurance industry to ensure any savings are then passed on.

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we do not offer cash advances or IPads to new clients, because we believe many potential personal injury claimants do not always realise the cost of these will be taken out of their compensation at the end – in effect they are an advance, rather than a cash bonus. We believe the TV and radio advertising can be particularly misleading and any such incentives are always subject to terms and conditions – many of which most clients won’t meet.

At Freeclaim, we welcome these changes and the ban on incentives for new clients. Alastair Fernie, Managing Director at Freeclaim commented on these changes “Clients who have been genuinely injured as a result of someone else’s failing should be encouraged to pursue a claim through a reputable firm of solicitors. Giving clients cash incentives merely encourages them to go to firms who may not have the specialist expertise to deal with their particular claim. Taking these incentives away will mean clients will be better represented by the appropriate Solicitor in future cases”.

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