Freeclaim Solicitors have successfully claimed £90,000 accident compensation for one of our clients who sustained injury after she slipped and fell. The accident involved our client slipping on ice in a University grounds. She was walking along a pedestrian concrete concourse, when her foot slipped on a patch of ice and frost.

As a result of the fall, our client sustained a serious injury to her knee. On impact she sustained a fractured and dislocated kneecap. She had to undergo surgery on her knee and it is recommended she will also require two knee replacements in the future.

There was no warnings surrounding the patch of ice that the area may be slippery, and there was no gritting or salting to remove the risk of ice occurring.

As a result of the accident and the following treatment, our client was left with permanent scarring to the front of her knee. Freeclaim Solicitors instructed a plastic surgeon, as well as a skin camouflage expert to give their opinions on possible treatments for this scarring.

Our client also developed osteoarthritis in her knee as a result of the injury, and has ongoing pain and discomfort. Due to this she now needs to limit some activities which involve kneeling for long periods of time and also excess use of her knee.

After negotiations, Freeclaim Solicitors successfully settled the case, and our client was awarded £90,000 in accident compensation.

John Barstow from Freeclaim Solicitors had conduct of the file. He commented, “I am delighted to have successfully claimed compensation for our client. The University had a duty of care to ensure that the pedestrian areas were safe for use, and failed in this duty. As a result our client sustained a severe injury to her knee, which will need lifetime care. I hope this case has highlighted the dangers of ice and frost and will prevent someone else being injured in this way.”

Slips and trips can result in nasty injuries being sustained. At Freeclaim Solicitors we have helped hundreds of clients claim compensation following an accident. Whether your accident happened in a public place, on private land, or in a workplace, the area should be maintained and inspected to make sure it is safe. If the land owner fails to do this and you have a slip or fall as result, contact Freeclaim Solicitors to see how we can help.

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