Botched cosmetic surgery has become a real problem in the UK following a high rise in people going under the knife. It has been reported there was a 17% rise in procedures in 2013, with around 50,000 people having some form of cosmetic surgery. This increase has led to cosmetic surgery cowboys performing surgery on people with dire consequences.

One woman has been left with severe problems with her eyes after she underwent an eye bag removal operation, performed by an uninsured plastic surgeon. Dawn Knight underwent the commonly performed operation after she successfully lost several stone in weight.

However, the surgeon removed too much of her lower eye lids, leaving her with extensive problems. Following the procedure, Mrs Knight now has to sleep with her eyes open and has developed abscesses due to her being unable to close her eyes properly. This could eventually lead to her losing her sight.

Mrs Knight underwent the operation at The Hospital Group and was sold a ‘lifetime aftercare package’. However, the group have now claimed the operation was performed by a surgeon who was not employed by them, but an independent contractor who uses their facilities. They have not offered to rectify the problem for Mrs Knight.

The surgeon in question, Arnaldo Paganelli, claims he is bankrupt and has no insurance so cannot pay any damages to Mrs Knight.

This is just one of many examples of how botched cosmetic surgery can have a huge impact on someone’s life.

Other problems arising from botched cosmetic procedures include people being left blind after botox injections have gone wrong. 98 patients have lost their sight in either one or both of their eyes after dermal filler injections in their face. This is as a result of injections being accidently injected into blood vessels, blocking arteries that supply blood to the eyes.

These botched jobs clearly indicate that more needs to be done to regulate surgeons and put a stop to cowboy surgeons performing operations in the UK.

The General Medical Council have recently released new guideline to better protect patients from cosmetic surgery and better regulate surgeons. These guidelines include giving patients a cooling off period before signing up for surgery, so they can fully consider the surgery before making a decision, as well as making patients fully aware of every risk involved with the procedure. They are also being encouraged to collect feedback from their patients to look at the physical and psychological effects of the surgery.

These guidelines could go some way to eradicating these cowboy surgeons, but more strict regulations need to be put into place to ensure standards are up to scratch and people undergoing plastic surgery can be assured that all risks are kept at a minimum.

Claiming private cosmetic surgery compensation

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