Many victims can feel vulnerable after an accident and will turn to solicitors for advice on claiming compensation. Many clients automatically trust that they are dealing with qualified and experienced solicitors. As with any profession, solicitors owe a duty of care to their clients to provide a professional service. Unfortunately, standards can vary, and not all clients are confident with their solicitor and can be left feeling helpless about their own injury claim.

However help is at hand. Freeclaim Solicitors, who are experienced in handling transferred personal injury claims, have put together a short guide on your rights.

  • It is one of a client’s principle rights that they have freedom to choose their own personal injury solicitor.
  • If you are unhappy with your solicitor and the way in which they are handling your claim, you have the right to transfer your case to another solicitor.
  • Whilst your personal injury claim is ongoing, you have the right in any event to seek a second opinion.
  • If your case is being transferred to another firm, either because the department you are dealing with is closing down or has merged or bought out by another firm, you do not have to stay with the new firm. You still have the freedom to choose who you would like to carry on with your claim.
  • If you’ve received a letter saying that your solicitors are being wound up, you do not have to agree to your claim being transferred to another proposed firm. You can speak to another firm of personal injury solicitors and transfer your ongoing claim to the firm of your choice.
  • Have you received a letter from the Law Society, Solicitors Regulation Authority or an Administrator advising you that your solicitors are being wound up? Again in this situation, you do not have to agree that your case be transferred to the new proposed solicitors. You have the freedom of choice to contact any new solicitors of your choosing.
  • In all of these types of situations, it is important that you do your research to find a personal injury firm who have proven expertise and accreditations to demonstrate their experience and success in handling personal injury claims.

Philip Coulthurst, a Senior Solicitor at Freeclaim, commented on the range of more common reasons why clients tend to be unhappy, “We get many clients calling for advice on transferring their claim because they really are at their wit’s end with their solicitor. Many have experienced poor standards of service and feel that they are being ignored or that their claim is being handled by unqualified staff. In some instances, clients have also been given poor advice on the prospects of winning their claim and on the potential value and whether they should accept an offer in settlement.”

It is not a lengthy process to transfer your case to another solicitor. Once you have discussed your ongoing claim with another firm of solicitors and they have agreed to take your case on, all you will need to do at that stage is to sign an authority or release form which they send to your existing solicitors. They should also agree with your existing solicitors that any charges for their work they have done on your case will be recovered from the Defendants when your claim is hopefully settled. Once they receive your file they can then take over conduct of your claim. Only on the very rare occasion have other solicitors refused a transfer. In most cases, no reputable solicitor would want to try and retain you if you have expressed your unhappiness with the service and standard of legal advice.

Freeclaim Solicitors have an excellent track record in taking on transferred personal injury claims from disgruntled clients of other firms. As an independent firm, we will advise you quickly whether we can take your claim on and then organise the transfer process. If you’re unhappy with your current personal injury solicitors, call Freeclaim on 0800 612 4472 for confidential, no obligation advice, or fill in our online enquiry form.