Freeclaim Solicitors, specialist in personal injury, have voiced continuing concern across the industry that vulnerable people are not getting the access to legal advice and the help they need following an accident since legal reforms were introduced. Freeclaim Solicitors also supports APIL’s recent comments regarding accident victims and access to justice.

In its submission to the Civil Justice Council, APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) commented “Whilst it is too early to see the full effects of these reforms on the injured person, APIL’s very early impressions are that there is detriment and cause for concern. Those with complex, riskier cases are being turned away by Solicitors who advise that their cases are not viable to run. Equally lower value cases (abused dementia sufferers for example), may be told their cases are disproportionate to pursue.”

It is thought thousands of injured people are not getting the legal support they need to pursue a personal injury claim, as many firms are no longer accepting lower value cases due to their financial risk. There are also fears that as recoverable costs on claims are reduced, work is pushed down to less qualified fee earners who may not have the levels of expertise to give quality advice and service. APIL also added in their reply that there is “an inherent conflict between a firm’s ability to stay profitable and their desire to provide a quality service for injured people”.

With our wealth of experience, Freeclaim Solicitors take on claims that many other solicitors are unwilling to accept. We have also developed a reputation for winning more difficult and complex cases. We believe it is important for injured people to be properly represented when making a claim for accident compensation. Alastair Fernie, Managing Director comments on the firm’s philosophy, “As a Practice, we continue to champion access to justice for those clients with more difficult claims and therefore continue to retain higher grade specialist solicitors. We have also segmented our expertise by accident types and created specialist, qualified legal teams headed by Associates to maintain high standards of client care and legal advice.”

Freeclaim Solicitors have over 30 years’ experience dealing with compensation claims. To find out how we can help you after an accident call 0800 612 7340 (helpline open 24 hours a day).