A 12 year old boy suffered a sports injury when he was involved in an accident at a BMX track in Stockport. Digby Lloyd was out with friends when the accident happened. He came off his bike at Bruntwood Park in Cheadle and sustained a broken arm and several cuts to his face.

The BMX track, which opened recently, is of national competition standard, and has just had a massive overhaul by the council.

Following the accident, Digby’s mother is now looking to claim sports injury compensation for her son, and highlighted the need for more supervision to avoid other children being involved in sporting accidents.“When I got to the track to get him I couldn’t believe it was open to the public with no supervision. Five boys have already been injured. It is only a matter of time before someone ends up in a wheelchair. This is a competition standard BMX track, it is a dangerous Olympic sport and they are letting kids go on willy-nilly. It’s like having a council swimming pool with no lifeguards and letting kids jump in at the deep end”.

How Freeclaim Solicitors can help following a sports injury

Anyone who participates in sports can be at risk of sustaining injury as a result. Cycling, BMX and skateboarding accidents are one of the more common causes of injury, and in particular more serious injury. Claiming compensation following a sports injury or accident can be complex, so it’s important you speak with a specialist personal injury solicitor who has the relevant expertise to deal with your claim.

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Published: 14th July 2014