For many years, the legal industry has called for more regulations surrounding the tactics employed by claims management companies to gain access to personal injury claims and a ban on cold-calling.

Now, the Conservatives have stated in their 2017 election manifesto that they would look at a ban on cold-calls made by claims management companies, which can often lead to unscrupulous, fraudulent personal injury claims.

This is something that would very much be welcomed by the legal industry, who believe these tactics are giving the industry a bad reputation and encouraging a ‘Compensation Culture’.

The job of a personal injury lawyer should be to support people after they have been injured, not just to claim compensation for their injuries, but also to help them to rebuild their lives. These practices by claims management and data companies undermine many people who genuinely need help following an accident and access to justice.

Quentin Underhill, Partner and Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance at Freeclaim Solicitors commented, “Although it is important that people have access to the help and compensation they deserve, these companies are encouraging people to make claims, regardless of their injuries and situation. These cold-calls need to stop and people need to understand that these companies are definitely not the right place for people after a serious injury.”

Many people would rightfully avoid such companies who cold-call them and encourage them to make a claim and an outright ban on cold-calling would finally put an end to people being actively hassled by numerous calls and texts.

Simon Stanfield, Chair of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS), commented, “Having long argued for a ban on cold-calling, we’re pleased that the government is going to look in detail at this issue and that this will be part of a wider consideration of strengthening CMC regulations.”

If you have been injured in an accident, you should always speak to a reputable solicitor who specialises in personal injury. Many companies will offer a free consultation to provide advice about making a claim and the next steps to take.

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) always recommends you speak to a solicitor who has proven relevant expertise to you and your injuries.

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