The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) are fighting back against claims that insurance companies are increasing premiums because of an increase in personal injury claims.

This is despite the fact that personal injury claims, particularly whiplash claims, are actually on the decline. APIL made a recent Freedom of Information request to the Compensation Recovery Unit which showed that whiplash claims have fallen by a massive 200,000 in the past four years.

APIL commented, “The insurance industry promised the Government that if reforms were introduced, premium reductions would be passed on to customers. It has failed to deliver this promise for reasons which have nothing to do with whiplash claims and must now be held to account.

The insurance industry needs to find a better excuse for charging inflated premiums.”

Recent reforms have seen a decrease in lawyer’s fees for whiplash claims by 60 percent, a complete change in the way whiplash claims are assessed and medical reports obtained, and improved communication to try to eradicate fraudulent claims. The Ministry of Justice have said that these reforms have had and are still having a huge impact on the number of personal injury claims.

Nicola Hughes, Head of Personal Injury at Freeclaim Solicitors commented, “It is simply unacceptable for insurance companies to keep using personal injury claims as an excuse to raise premiums. Since there has clearly been a decline in the number of claims, and also a huge reduction in legal fees, insurance companies need to start looking at passing on these savings to customers or find a more fitting reason for the rising price of premiums.”

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