A teacher in Essex has been awarded £90,000 in accident compensation after sustaining serious injuries when he slipped on ketchup entering a staff room at a school. This is just once of many accidents at school claims that Essex County Council have had to pay out for due to poor health and safety procedures.

Another claim was settled for £110,000 after a member of staff at a school slipped on a wet floor twice in one day, resulting in a spinal injury. A further £40,000 was paid out after a faulty metal door swung open and injured a worker’s wrist. A total of £1.05m has been paid out in compensation by Essex County Council to teachers who have been injured at school in 2011-2013.

These claims clearly show that not enough is being done to protect workers in schools. It is the duty of the council to ensure that all their employees are safe whilst at work. This includes having appropriate health and safety procedures in place.

A representative from the National Union of Teachers (NUT) commented on these claims for compensation saying “As a union we support members who pursue claims for personal injury when we feel they have been poorly treated by management in schools. Schools are generally very safe environments but employers have a duty of care to protect both teachers and pupils”.

Accidents at School Compensation

As with any workplace, teachers and other workers in schools should be protected from harm and injury whilst they are at work to prevent accidents at school occurring. All schools should have an adequate risk assessment in place to minimise the risk of their workers sustaining injury.

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Published: 2nd April 2014