A man who was hit in the side of his head by a wing mirror of a bus has been awarded £9,000 in bus accident compensation. The man was walking on the pavement, when the passing bus hit him, knocking him unconscious. He sustained lacerations to his face and needed 18 stitches. Initially, the bus company denied liability as they said it was not foreseeable for such an accident to happen. However, it was argued that the man should not have been under any risk from being hit by the bus, when he was safely on the pavement. The victim commented saying “I hope Lothian Buses learn a lesson and bring in training to avoid this happening again”.

In the year 2012/13, in London alone there were 359 major and fatal incidents reported between buses and pedestrians. Due to the nature of these road accidents, it is not surprising that many result in serious injuries being sustained. Bus companies and their drivers should take care not to put pedestrians at risk which may give rise to a bus accident compensation claim.

Freeclaim Solicitors and Bus Accident Compensation Claims

With over 5,200 accidents involving buses reported in 2012, there are a growing number of accident victims who are injured as a result of bus accidents each year.

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Published: 26th February 2014