Greater Manchester councils have paid out around £1.5m in accident compensation to students who have been injured whilst at school over the last five years. School accident claims not only involve students and children, but many claims are also made by staff and visitors.

One successful claim was awarded to a child who was hit by falling goal posts. They received £8,000 in compensation. Similarly, another child was awarded £2,000 after they were struck by a falling crossbar. Many other school accident claims involved falls on school premises due to ice that had not been fully gritted and wet floors that had not been adequately cleaned. This is alongside claims in relation to trapped fingers, unsafe play areas and defective equipment.

These figures clearly show that not enough is being done to keep our children safe from dangers whilst they’re at school. Teachers need to be fully aware of all risks, and take precautions to avoid accidents happening.

School accident claims – how we can help

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Published: 21st May 2014