Road Accident Abroad Claims

Road traffic accidents can be devastating no matter where they occur, often causing serious injury and financial loss. Suffering a road traffic accident that was not your fault whilst abroad can be even more distressing.

With hire cars and other vehicles such as bicycles and mopeds ever-popular amongst travellers and holidaymakers, road accidents abroad will always be a risk when working or travelling in another country.

Road accidents can vary from car accidents in which you are the driver or passenger, to incidents of pedestrians being hit by vehicles, and can have a variety of outcomes such as whiplash or even more serious problems such as spinal injury, brain injury, broken bones and other problems. These can result in hospital stays, long-term health issues, loss of earnings, changes to your daily routine, adaptations to your home and a reduction in the quality of your life.

While no amount of money can ever undo the emotional trauma of being injured in a road accident abroad, making a compensation claim can help you to get early medical treatment and rehabilitation underway.

We have an excellent track record of success winning compensation on behalf of clients who have suffered injury in a road accident abroad. We have over 30 years’ experience and have a specialist holiday accident team to help in this complex area.

Our specialist team of road accident solicitors will show compassion and understanding as they make the claims process as stress-free as possible. In addition to this, your claim will be made on a no win, no fee basis, so you undertake no financial risk at a time when your finances may already be stretched.

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Making A Road Accident Abroad Claim

The idea of making a claim for a road accident abroad can be an overwhelming one. You might not know if a claim is possible or, if it is, who is responsible for the accident and in which country you should make your claim. Freeclaim Solicitors can assist you with all of this, giving you free, confidential advice in the first instance before you choose to go ahead with your claim.

It is relatively straight forward to make a claim for compensation for road accidents that have occurred in Europe. It is more difficult to claim compensation for accidents outside the EU, however our specialist solicitors will be able to advise you on this.

Throughout your claim, our solicitors will put your needs first, pushing to get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve to make up for all that you have suffered, whether that’s pain, debilitation, financial loss or other expenses related to your injury.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident whilst abroad, call our 24-hour helpline on 0800 612 7340, or contact our holiday road accident team online for advice and guidance.

Common Road Accident Abroad Claims

Our experienced team of solicitors have assisted clients who have been injured in a variety of road accident scenarios whilst on holiday or working abroad (see our case studies below) including:

  • Driver or passenger in a hire car
  • Pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle
  • Rider of a motorbike, scooter or moped
  • Cyclist
  • Passenger in a taxi
  • Passenger on a private airport transfer
  • Coach or minibus passenger
  • Public transport passenger

Depending on where the accident happened (whether within or outside the European Union), there may be strict rules and timeframes on making a claim. Therefore it is advisable you speak to an experienced solicitor as soon as possible.

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How We Can Help After a Road Accident Abroad

Freeclaim Solicitors have over 30 years’ experience and a strong reputation for success in claiming compensation for victims of road traffic accidents abroad. As we operate on a no win, no fee basis, there is nothing to pay should your claim be unsuccessful, meaning there is no additional financial risk at such a troubled time.

We’re recommended by the Legal 500 as a top legal firm so you can rest assured that we have the complex legal knowledge and experience to handle your case with due diligence and care, as well as with sensitivity and compassion.

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Road Accident Abroad Compensation Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of road accident abroad claims we have dealt with:

  • Mrs B was awarded £162,000 after she sustained severe injuries when she was a passenger in a road traffic accident abroad. At the time of the accident she was not wearing a seatbelt and as a result on impact she was thrown forward through the vehicle and through the windshield. She sustained multiple injuries including a fractured spine, cuts to her head, haematoma to her liver and kidneys, as well as a moderate brain injury.
  • Mrs H was on holiday in Spain when she was hit by a car whilst walking along a pavement. The car mounted the pavement and struck our client. She sustained injury to her neck and back in the accident. Freeclaim road accident abroad solicitors helped her to claim £4,300 compensation.
  • Ms A was a pillion passenger and suffered serious injuries in a road accident in Portugal. She has been left disabled and also suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This was a very complex case as there were contentious points of law relating to whether English or Portuguese Law applied. However Freeclaim Solicitors ensured that she received the rightful compensation and she was awarded damages in Euros in a sum equivalent to £440,000. Freeclaim Solicitors also ensured she received substantial interim payments during the case to help her with rehabilitation and to re-house her into a bungalow as she could no longer manage the stairs.
  • Mr B was involved in a road traffic accident abroad when he was a passenger in a hire car. He sustained injury to his neck and back and successfully claimed over £3,300 in road accident abroad compensation.