Cruise ship accident claims

Each year many people will take to the seas and oceans aboard a cruise ship to explore different destinations and enjoy a well-earned holiday. However, sometimes these holidays can be ruined by accident and injury whilst on the cruise ship.

If you have had an accident whilst on a cruise ship, you may have had your holiday ruined and sustained injuries which you should be compensated for.

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Everyone who boards a cruise ship has the right to remain safe whilst they are on board, whether this is whilst walking around the ship, relaxing in your cabin or using other facilities and dining areas. If this is not the case and you become injured as a result, you should be entitled to make a claim to compensate you for your injuries, as well as any losses you have incurred as a result of these.

Common cruise ship accidents

  • Slips and trips abroad cruise ships, including in cabins, dining areas, at pool sides, in communal restrooms, stairways and also on gangways when boarding and disembarking a ship.
  • Cruise ship accidents around poorly maintained pools and Jacuzzis due to broken tiles, slippery wet areas, or poor filtration systems and unclear pool depths.
  • As cruise ships are sailing across oceans and seas, there is the added risk of drowning or near drowning if barriers on decks are not properly maintained and checked, and life jackets and floats are not readily available.
  • Falling objects aboard a cruise ship can cause injury if items are not adequately secured aboard the ship, including on main decks, in dining areas and in cabins.
  • Defective equipment can cause nasty injuries and include defects to the ship itself, as well as any equipment aboard the cruise ship (this includes any recreational items provided such as gym equipment, climbing walls, bowling alleys etc.).
  • Many people take the opportunity to explore a destination on a pre-arranged trip whilst on a cruise ship holiday. Injuries on excursions from the cruise ship when it is moored can happen in different locations, including road traffic accidents and accidents whilst out sightseeing.

How we can help after a cruise ship accident

Our specialist cruise ship accident compensation solicitors will fully explore your claim and fight for the maximum amount of compensation available for you.

You should speak to a specialist cruise ship accident compensation solicitor as soon as possible after your accident, so they can start the process for you and investigate your accident. Our accident advice helpline is open 24 hours a day on 0800 612 7340, or alternatively you can fill in your details online, and one of our specialist cruise ship accident team will call you back.

We also have a unique focus on early assessment for treatment and rehabilitation. Our aim is to help you recover as quickly as possible and get the best outcome in terms of your overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

We have over 30 years’ experience helping people to claim the compensation they deserve after an accident and you can rest assured our specialist accident compensation team will fight for the highest amount of compensation for you. They will look at all aspects of your claim and assess every loss you have incurred as a result of your injuries.

Making a cruise ship accident claim

If you have been injured whilst aboard a cruise ship, there are some things you can do to help your cruise ship accident compensation claim. This includes reporting the accident to the cruise ship and including it in any accident book or log they may keep. This should have the details of the accident and how it happened, as well as injuries that occurred. This will help support your claim and your account of what happened. Witnesses can also help with this, so any details of people who saw the accident can be useful.

Try to take photographs of where the accident happened, including photos of any defective equipment which may have caused your injury, or uneven stairs or flooring. Photographs of your injuries can also be useful to show the extent of your injuries.

If you received medical attention you should ask for copies of the records, which will also state your injuries, and any treatment you received, as well as recommendations for prescriptions and further medical attention.

Even if you do not have the above documents, you should speak to our expert solicitors today to see how we could help you. Our compassionate solicitors are there for you every step of the way and have a wealth of experience to help you through the process of making a cruise ship accident claim. Call us 24 hours a day on 0800 612 7340.