Compensation – How Much Can I Claim?

How much your compensation claim is worth will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of your injuries and what other losses you have incurred as a result of the accident.

The correct valuation is an essential part of your accident compensation lawyer’s expertise and people are often surprised at how much their accident claim is valued at.

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What can I claim compensation for?

Each compensation claim is different, and the amount that you could win depends on your individual circumstances. However, most compensation claims can generally be divided into two categories.

  • General damages are for the pain and suffering the claimant has had to cope with after an injury.
  • Special damages are to compensate for any additional costs that the claimant has incurred as a direct result of their accident. This can include, but is not limited to: loss of earnings, transport costs (including car hire), medical fees, prescription charges, ongoing therapy, household help, specialist equipment, housing modifications, increased bills and other losses and expenditure.

You should keep hold of any receipts or other records of any additional costs. This helps you to prove the full extent of the financial impact of your accident and improves your chances of winning the highest possible amount of compensation.

Compensation claim process – our approach

Freeclaim Accident Solicitors provide you with free, confidential, no obligation advice on making an accident compensation claim. All consultations are FREE and thereafter under a no win no fee agreement, you won’t pay a single penny if you lose so there’s no financial risk for you in pursuing a claim.

Our philosophy is to ensure our clients and their families can concentrate on recovering both physically and emotionally from their accident or injury, whilst we, as experienced personal injury lawyers, can pursue their rightful accident compensation claim and make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Our personal injury solicitors have a wealth of experience and are dedicated, committed and compassionate. Every client and every case is different and we believe in providing a direct and personal approach to their individual needs and the needs of their families.

If you’ve had an accident, call FREE on 0800 612 7340 and we will give you immediate, confidential legal advice without the legal jargon.

Your solicitor

One of our specialist personal injury solicitors or serious injury solicitors will be appointed to your personal injury claim. As we are a specialist Practice, all our injury lawyers and executives have a wealth of experience dealing with only accident and injury claims.

First steps in making a compensation claim

All enquiries are free with no obligation. We will discuss your compensation claim with you and and provide practical legal advice and emotional support.


In order to succeed in a claim for damages it is necessary to prove that another person was at least partly at fault for the accident which caused your personal injuries or illness. When we first meet with you, we will advise you of your prospects of success. We will carry out all necessary enquiries to ensure that your prospects of success are as good as possible.

As experienced accident solicitors, we have a reputation for winning cases other solicitors have not wanted to take on. It is always worthwhile arranging a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your claim even if you consider you were at fault or you cannot remember the accident.

Building the compensation case

Our accident claims solicitors will manage every aspect of your claim on your behalf. We will put together a team of tried and trusted experts to help deal with the issues arising in your case. Our personal injury solicitors will resolve your case as quickly as possible in accordance with the speed of your recovery. For more serious claims such as brain or spinal images, our serious injury solicitors will also organise and provide longer term support and rehabilitation, including help with practical and emotional issues.


Case Study Examples of Compensation Pay-outs

As a general guide to accident compensation, view our valuation line below to see examples of actual compensation claims settled by our accident solicitors:

  • £1.8 million injury compensation for our client who suffered serious head injuries in a road accident.
  • £900,000 awarded to our client who was involved in a serious motorbike accident.
  • £450,000 accident compensation awarded to a client who suffered chronic post traumatic stress disorder due to an incident whilst serving in the army.
  • £300,000 damages for our client who suffered serious injuries in an accident at work.
  • £117,000 damages awarded to our client who suffered serious injuries as a consequence of a slipping accident.
  • £103,000 injury compensation for our client who was hit by an uninsured driver and suffered facial and dental injuries in a car accident.
  • £55,000 received by our client in a claim against the Ministry of Defence (MOD) after an accident whilst serving abroad.
  • £40,000 compensation for our client’s claim against the police for assault, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment.
  • £35,000 damages for our client who suffered a knee injury as a passenger in a car involved in an accident.
  • £21,525 awarded to our client who suffered a broken ankle with extended time off work after a pavement trip.
  • £15,000 damages awarded to our client who suffered a twisted ligament in a workplace accident.
  • £12,000 received by our client who suffered a lower back injury in a manual handling claim against his employer’s insurers.
  • £4,000 awarded to our client who suffered thigh burns due to a defective hot water bottle.
  • £2,500 accident compensation after our client was trampled by a horse in an accident at work and suffered whiplash and concussion.
  • £2,500 compensation received from our client who suffered a neck injury after a bus accident.


Remember this is only a general guide on how much your claim after an accident or illness can be worth.  If you’d like to know more, call our personal injury and accident solicitors today on 0800 612 7340.