We have recently settled a claim for a 29-year-old man in the sum of £25,000, following a pedestrian road traffic accident that he was involved in. Our client was hit by a vehicle whilst proceeding across a pedestrian crossing. The Defendant did not admit liability for the accident; however, we were very confident that our client would be successful in this respect.

In the pedestrian accident, our client suffered soft tissue injuries to his back (which resolved after approximately 2 and half months) and knee (which largely resolved after 3 months). He also suffered injuries to the shoulder and ankle and he had been advised that he had potentially sprained and torn ligaments. No surgery was indicated for these injuries, however. Our client also lost consciousness at the scene of the accident and encountered episodes of memory loss, issues with concentration, intense headaches, and numbness to the back of the head, nausea, and dizziness.

The offer to settle was made at an early stage of the claim and prior to medical evidence being obtained. We advised our client of the fact that we could not value this claim at this point and furthermore, we would need to gather further evidence, including medical evidence. We also made it clear to him that should his injuries fail to resolve – or even deteriorate at some point in the future – then accepting the offer could lead to an under settlement of his claim. However, he decided to settle his claim at this point and in light of the fact that he had returned to work and his instructions had previously been that he felt he had made an almost complete recovery from his head injury, we feel that the settlement achieved was a generous one.

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