Accident Compensation Case Studies

  • Fall at work – £575,000 accident compensation

    Freeclaim Solicitors successfully settled a claim in the sum of £575,000 after an accident at work. Our client was injured when he fell at work, sustaining injury to his left ankle. At first the injuries were relatively minor. However, these injuries resulted in our client developing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Our client has been left unable to work and has had to manage the ongoing pain he has felt. Freeclaim Solicitors arranged for him to see a pain management specialist, as well as an occupational therapist to assess future help and assistance that may be needed. This settlement figure is hoped to help our client to receive the life long help and support that will now be needed after his accident.

  • Accident at work – Over £200,000 accident compensation award

    Freeclaim Solicitors successfully secured accident compensation in excess of £200,000 for a client who was injured whilst at work. Our client sustained a severe fracture to his ankle whilst working as a warehouse operative. The fracture left him with ongoing pain in his ankle and stiffness. Many treatments were suggested by the NHS to our client, including fusing the ankle, which would have eliminated the pain but would have left him with no movement in his ankle. Freeclaim Solicitors identified a lower limb specialist who suggested an alternative treatment. This treatment was arranged by Freeclaim Solicitors and paid for by the Defendant’s insurers. This left our client with greater movement in his ankle and significantly less pain.

  • Army compensation for PTSD- £450,000

    Our client was serving as a soldier in the British Army when he was involved in an accident in which he lost consciousness trying to save the life of a colleague in a fire. The fire was caused as a result of the negligence of his employer. After the accident, our client developed chronic post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Freeclaim Solicitors sought interim payments from the Defendants to pay for suitable treatment from Consultant Psychiatrists and Occupational Therapists, who were both willing to provide our client with the treatment and support he needed to gain control over his traumatic symptoms, including suicide attempts. The claim settled in the sum of £450,000.

  • Slip at Work – £117,000 award

    Freeclaim Solicitors successfully secured accident compensation in the sum of £117,000 for a client who sustained injury as a result of a slip at work. Our client was working as a HGV driver when he slipped on debris on the flat bed of his own vehicle whilst unloading the contents. He sustained a rupture of the left quadriceps muscle and required surgery to repair the muscle. Our client was unable to return to work following his accident and as a result suffered depression and adjustment disorder. The Defendants offered a settlement figure of £30,000 and disputed our client’s psychological problems and the evidence for these. Freeclaim Solicitors used their legal expertise and argued against this, ultimately agreeing a more substantial settlement of £117,000.

  • Accident at work – £50,000 accident compensation

    Our client was working as a milk man when he was involved in an accident at work. When doing his round delivering milk, the tailgate of his wagon snapped and landed on him. He sustained injury to his arm. Initially, our clients claim was being dealt with by another firm of solicitors through his Trade Union funding. However, he was not happy with how they were handling his claim and he sought advice from our specialist solicitors. When the claim was taken over by Freeclaim Solicitors there were initially low prospects of success as the Defendants were denying liability for the accident. However, Freeclaim personal injury lawyers quickly turned this around and 100% liability was admitted. Our client received an award in the sum of £50,000.

  • Amputation claim – £225,000 settlement

    Freeclaim Solicitors helped a client to claim £225,000 in personal injury compensation after an accident at work. Our client was using an industrial paper crimping machine, when his hand became trapped and the machine crushed his fingers. Amputation of his three middle fingers on his hand was required following the accident. Our client wished to retrain as a painter and decorator and in order to do this, he required prosthesis. Freeclaim Solicitors arranged for him to see a leading prosthetic company to design the best possible prosthesis to enable him to have a sustainable career in this area.

  • Pothole accident – Over £530,000 award

    A woman who suffered an amputation following a pothole accident received over £530,000 in accident compensation thanks to Freeclaim Personal Injury Solicitors. The accident happened when the woman was using a right of way over the Defendant’s land and she stepped into a pothole. She sustained an injury to her left ankle. Unfortunately, the injuries our client sustained in the trip resulted in her having to undergo several operations. These operations were unsuccessful and the ankle deteriorated to the extent that our client had to undergo an amputation. An initial settlement offer was put forward of £15,000. Freeclaim Solicitors strongly advised our client to reject this on the basis that her ankle injury at that stage had not yet stabilised. The later settlement figure of over £530,000 shows the staggering difference in these two figures and the importance of using injury lawyers who are specialist in this area.

  • Restaurant trip – £23,000 accident compensation

    Our client tripped as she was leaving a restaurant and sustained a broken ankle when she fell on a concrete slope. This then resulted in our client developing a potentially life-threatening blood clot on her lung. Freeclaim Solicitors argued that the Defendants were negligent, as the concrete ramp leading to the entrance of the restaurant was dangerous because of its steep sloping sides. The Defendants argued that our client was wearing high heels and should have taken extra care. This case went to trial and the judge agreed with Freeclaim Solicitors that the slope was unsafe. Our client was awarded £23,000 in compensation.

  • Accident at holiday park – Over £144,000 award

    Freeclaim Solicitors successfully claimed over £144,000 in holiday injury compensation for a client who suffered strangulation and loss of consciousness whilst on a go-kart ride at a holiday park. She was unconscious for at least 10 seconds after her scarf became trapped in the engine of the go-kart. As a result of this accident, our client suffered severe psychological problems including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. Freeclaim Solicitors arranged extensive treatment for our client to help her regain function and get her life back on track. She was awarded over £144,000 in accident compensation.

  • Thai Boxing accident – £115,000 settlement

    Our client suffered a fractured skull and brain injury after an accident in a Thai Boxing class. When sparring with a partner, our client took a kick to this head which unbalanced him, causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete floor. No mats were provided to cushion the fall if someone did have an accident. Our client continued to suffer from memory loss, problems with concentration, personality change and an increased risk of epilepsy following the accident. Freeclaim Solicitors successfully settled the personal injury claim in the sum of £115,000.

  • Pedestrian road traffic accident – over £450,000 settlement

    Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was knocked down whilst crossing a road in a well known accident hotspot. Prior to contacting Freeclaim Solicitors, our client had received very little rehabilitation or treatment following her accident. We arranged for her to receive a full assessment for treatment and rehabilitation, with the aim of helping her to live her life independently and eventually begin working again. The successful settlement figure is to pay for the treatment and rehabilitation our client now requires as a result of her accident, as well as to compensate her for her loss of earnings.

  • Road accident abroad – £375,000 compensation

    Freeclaim Solicitors successfully claimed £375,000 for our client who was run over by an unidentified moped rider whilst on holiday abroad. As a result of the accident, our client sustained a severe brain injury. The brain injury meant our client became heavily reliant on his wife, as he was unable to continue living independently. Freeclaim Solicitors involved a brain injury case manager, who introduced gradual assistance into their home to help alleviate the strain put on our client’s wife. Due to the moped rider being unidentified, the claim proceeded against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). The MIB argued against the settlement amount and the extent of their liability to pay damages. However, Freeclaim Solicitors used their legal expertise and ultimately agreed a settlement of £375,000.

  • Untraced Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) – £420,000 settlement

    Our client was involved in a rear end shunt, in which she sustained a whiplash injury and also ‘absence attacks’. This resulted in her being diagnosed with epilepsy. Freeclaim Solicitors helped our client to obtain medical evidence showing the epilepsy was as a result of the accident. The other driver left the scene after the accident and was untraced. Due to this, the claim proceeded against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). Our client was awarded £420,000 in compensation.

  • Passenger accident – £876,000 compensation award

    Freeclaim Solicitors successfully claimed £876,000 in compensation for a client who sustained serious head injuries as a passenger in a car accident. At the time of the accident, our client was only 8 years old. As a result of the accident he now requires ongoing neuro-psychological support. He has now reached adulthood but is unable to hold down any employment as the nature of his brain injury has left him with short term memory loss and behavioural issues. Freeclaim personal injury lawyers instructed a neuro-psychologist to provide support therapy and a brain injury case manager was appointed to ensure our client and his family received the support therapy they required. His award of £876,000 will ensure he has ongoing, long term support.

  • Motorcycle accident – Over £90,000 settlement

    Our client was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries, including a fractured elbow involving severe injury to his nerve, leaving his arm disabled and causing ongoing pain. He also developed post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. Our client was worried about his future and the impact his injuries would have on his family’s future. The compensation award of over £90,000 secured by Freeclaim Solicitors will help with securing our client’s future needs and assistance.

  • Uninsured driver – £2.1 Million accident compensation awarded

    Our client sustained multiple injuries as a result of a road traffic accident caused by a negligent, uninsured driver. She sustained a serious head injury which resulted in her experiencing memory loss, an inability to concentrate and behavioural issues. The Defendants tried to argue that the severity of the client’s injuries were not as high as claimed. However, Freeclaim Solicitors found witness evidence and forensic evidence which determined the extent of the ongoing problems faced by our client. The case settled for an equivalent of £2.1 million.

  • Pedestrian road traffic accident – £38,000 settlement

    Our client was knocked down by a car when he was crossing a road. The driver of the car was turning from a side road into a main road when the accident happened. Our client sustained significant leg injuries and had to undergo surgery on three occasions. Previous solicitors had rejected the case as they believed prospects of success were below 50% due to the Defendants arguing that the client had ran into the road without checking the dangers. Despite this, Freeclaim Solicitors took over the compensation claim and argued that the driver had a higher degree of care in this matter to ensure the road was clear as the accident occurred near a school. Our solicitors were successful and our client received £38,000 damages.

  • Rear end shunt – £10,500 damages

    Our client suffered significant injuries to his neck and shoulder after being involved in a rear end shunt. He initially contacted the Defendant’s insurers direct and they provided him with a medical examination and treatment for his injuries. However, he was not happy with the medical report and his injuries were continuing to cause him problems at work. A year after the accident, he contacted Freeclaim Solicitors for expert advice. We obtained funding for further treatment and a further medical report from an expert who specialised in shoulder injuries. This resulted in Freeclaim Solicitors securing £10,500 in road traffic accident compensation for our client.

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