Dangerous Workplace Practice Compensation Claims

Dangerous practices and procedures at work can cause serious harm and may give rise to a work injury compensation claim, whatever environment you work in. All employers have to abide by The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the regulations stated within this act, to ensure their staff are working in a safe environment.

Part of these regulations requires risk assessments to be undertaken to highlight any dangers to employees. The risks raised in these assessments should then be evaluated and correct practices and procedures put in place to decrease the possibility of workers being injured.

If a risk assessment has been carried out that was insufficient at finding faults and you have an accident as a result of inadequate procedures being put in place, you may be able to claim work injury compensation. Likewise, if someone does not follow the practices and procedures that have been put into place for your safety and you sustain injury as a result of their failings, you may also be eligible to make a claim.

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There are many reasons why inadequate working procedures can result in injury to a person.

Here are a few examples that could lead to a work hazard claim:

  • Using stepladders to do work at height, when scaffolding would have been safer.
  • Using tables and chairs to reach for things rather than a set of stepladders.
  • Stepladders not being adequately secured or being used incorrectly.
  • Unsuitable tools being provided.
  • Inadequate protective clothes being provided.
  • Operating heavy duty machinery without prior training.
  • Failing to assess risks of vehicles and pedestrians working in the same environment.
  • Inadequate cleaning procedures leading to hazards for other workers.

There are also many other occasions where accidents can happen as a result of dangerous work practices and procedures. At Freeclaim Solicitors we can talk through your accident with you and help you claim the compensation you deserve after an accident at work.

Claiming work injury compensation as a result of dangerous work practices

If your employer fails to provide a safe environment to work in and you are injured because of this, you may be able to claim work injury compensation. Employers must not only assess dangers and implement safe working practices and procedures, but also ensure they are adhered to by other members of staff.

At Freeclaim Solicitors we have expert accident at work solicitors who can help you claim compensation if you have been injured as a result of inadequate or insufficient work practices or procedures. With over 30 years’ experience in personal injury compensation, we can fight for your claim and establish that your accident was as a result of your employer’s failings.

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Dangerous Workplace Practice Claims Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of claims we have dealt with:

  • Mr P was working as a welder when he had to manually move metal pipes that were sharp as they had just been cut. One pipe fell and cut our client’s hand, severing the nerves and causing him to feel numbness in the area. He had to manually move the pipes as access to the forklift truck that would usually be used was not available. He was also not provided with adequate gloves to undertake the job. He received £4,750 in an accident at work compensation.
  • Mr J fell when he was using unsafe ladders at work. The ladders were borrowed from somewhere other than our client’s workplace and had not been fully assessed for dangers. The ladders collapsed, causing our client to fall and sustain an injury to his ankle. He received £2,250 for his work injury compensation claim.
  • Mr G injured his neck and back at work when he was required to manually lift heavy boxes without the help of a machine that would usually have been used. Freeclaim Solicitors helped him to claim £2,700 in workplace compensation.