Heavy Lifting Injury Compensation

If your job involves manual handling or heavy lifting, you can be at risk of injury if your employer hasn’t followed the necessary health and safety regulations. Approximately 40% of all workplace injury at work claims involve manual handling or a heavy lifting injury.

Back injuries are the most common, but many manual handling claims also involve injury to other parts of the body, including fractures and work related musculoskeletal disorders.

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About heavy lifting claims

Manual handling claims do not just involve heavy lifting injuries. Injuries can be caused by pushing, twisting, pulling or by awkward posture. Also important is how long you have to carry items, how far they have to be carried and whether you have to lift items from floor level, or above shoulder level off shelving units.

There is a higher risk of sustaining injury at work due to heavy lifting in certain workplaces, including building sites, farms, airports, factories and warehouses.

However, other workplaces can also have dangers relating to heavy lifting and manual handling, such as shops, offices, hospitals and people working as delivery drivers. Most working environments will have some risks related to manual handling.

Where suitable equipment can be used (i.e. forklift trucks, trolleys, etc.) they should always be utilised to lower the risk of injury. If it is not possible to use such equipment it is important to carry out a thorough risk assessment and ensure relevant training is given to all employees.

All employers have a duty to protect their employees and minimise the risk of injury. They should carry out a full review of any tasks that require manual handling or heavy lifting and remove any which are not necessary. They should also reduce the risks of sustaining injury as a result of lifting or moving goods and objects as much as possible.

It is also important that employees follow any instructions or guidelines set out by their employer and that they report any procedure or practices that they believe to be dangerous and could cause injury.

Workers who sustain serious injury may be unable to continue with their current job, which could have a huge impact upon their lives and future job prospects. This can result in financial losses to an individual and their family. Injury at work compensation claims can help ease these financial losses and help you get your life back on track.

Common heavy lifting injury compensation claims

There are many potential hazards in the workplace that can give rise to a manual handling and heavy lifting claim, including;

  • Lifting objects that are too heavy
  • Repetitive lifting
  • Inadequate training
  • Inadequate manpower
  • Inadequate lifting equipment
  • Heavy lifting from height, i.e. high warehouse shelves
  • Heavy lifting around hazardous objects, e.g. spilled liquids

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics show that in 2013/14, 24% of workplace injuries reported were in relation to heavy lifting and manual handling.

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Remember, all employers must have insurance to cover them against injuries and accidents at work. Therefore you will be claiming against their insurance company who will also be responsible to pay your compensation should your claim be successful.

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Heavy Lifting Injury Compensation Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of claims we have dealt with:

  • Mr G was working as a warehouse assistant when he was required to manually unload a delivery of heavy boxes, as the forklift truck that would usually be used was broken. He suffered muscle damage in his shoulder. Following his injury at work, Freeclaim Solicitors helped him to claim £2,700 in compensation.
  • Mr M received £13,300 in compensation after he was injured whilst delivering carpet. With the help of several other people, our client was maneuvering the carpet, when one of the people helping let go of the carpet, leaving him to bare more weight on his shoulder. He sustained a rupture to the bicep in his left arm and had to undergo surgery.
  • Mr B sustained injury to his back when he was working in a warehouse. He was required to lift boxes from the floor and move them around the warehouse. The boxes were not labeled and our client was unable to determine the weight before lifting them. He received £1,414 in work accident compensation.