Farm Accident Claims

The farming and agriculture industry is one of the most dangerous in the UK when it comes to illness and accidents at work. Although as an industry it is only around 1.8% of the workforce, farming accidents account for approximately 19% of fatal injuries in the workplace each year. Freeclaim Solicitors have a track record of success in farm accident claims for workers and also members of the public.

The agricultural sector accounted for 27 of the 133 fatal injuries at work reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 2013/14. Given the high rate of fatalities and serious injuries sustained in this industry, farm workers and employers in the agricultural sector should take extra care to ensure workers are not put at risk of injury whilst at work.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an agricultural accident you may be entitled to make a claim. To speak to one of our solicitors who have experience in serious farm accident compensation claims, call now on 0800 612 7340 or contact us here.

Types of farm accidents compensation claims

Due to the seasonality of the industry, many farms use temporary staff which can lead to a lower level of training and a lapse in health and safety.

There are many types of accidents that can cause injury to workers in the agriculture industry, which include, but are not limited to:

It is not only employees who may suffer injury and are entitled to make a claim. Visitors to a farm who suffer injuries in a farm accident or those who live or travel along the perimeter of a farm may also be able to make a claim if they are injured in an accident that was not their fault.

Making a farming accident claim

There are many hazardous conditions on a farm that could lead to serious injury and accidents can also be caused by poorly trained co-workers. Farmers have a duty of care to protect their employees. It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure you have the necessary safety apparatus for the job at hand and that you have been trained to handle machinery and equipment.

As an employer, farmers must have insurance to cover the cost of any potential compensation claims and legal fees which may arise from an employee bringing a claim against their employer for personal injury.

Therefore when making a claim, you will be claiming against the insurer. Usually the insurance company will deal with the claim on behalf of your employer, so your employer will not be conducting the claim themselves. If you are successful, your damages or compensation will be paid by the insurance company and not your employer.

How we can help

A fall from height, injury from machinery or damage caused by livestock can have a devastating effect on people’s lives. Not to mention the lives of their loved ones.

Because of the serious nature of these accidents, many farm accident claims are complex and we would always recommend you speak to a solicitor who has the legal expertise to be able to deal with these types of claims. Therefore it’s vital you have an experienced legal team fighting for the maximum compensation available and protecting the best interests of you and your family.

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we have specialist personal injury lawyers with experience in farm accident claims and serious injuries such as amputations, serious brain injuries or spinal injuries. We make sure that our clients get the maximum compensation available to ensure they have access to early treatment and specialist care.

All enquiries are free and our legal team is always happy to have a no obligation chat and answer any questions you may have. We handle all farm accident compensation claims on a no win no fee basis. There’s no financial risk to you – if your compensation claim is unsuccessful you don’t have to pay a penny.

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Farm Accident Claims Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of claims we have dealt with:

  • Miss H was injured whilst working for a dairy company. She was working as a lab technician testing milk samples. She sustained injury when she was carrying samples along an unlit path, when her foot fell into a pothole in the pathway. As a result, she strained her ankle and damaged ligaments. Freeclaim Solicitors helped her to secure £8,000 compensation.
  • Mr B was working erecting metal fencing around a farmer’s field. The fence was constructed by inserting solid wooden posts into the ground and then manoeuvring metal sheet fencing with a tractor to attach them to the wooden posts. Whilst trying to move one of the heavy posts to a trailer so that it could be transported to where the fence was being constructed, our client sustained a serious injury to his back. He was unable to return to work and suffered ongoing pain. Freeclaim Solicitors helped him to claim £67,000 in farm accident compensation.