Factory and Building Site Accidents Claims

Building site and factory accident claims are very common. These workplaces can have many potentially dangerous hazards which can cause devastating injuries. Some of these injuries can be extremely serious, yet can often be avoided if employers had taken the necessary steps to protect staff in the workplace.

The construction industry in Britain is relatively small, making up about 5% of all employees. However, this industry is one of the most dangerous, with 31% of fatal injuries being in the construction industry and accounting for 10% of reported major injuries. There were 42 fatal injuries to workers in the construction industry in 2013/14.

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Many factory and building site accidents can lead to very serious injury. We have a dedicated team of serious injury lawyers who have the complex legal expertise in serious head injury, spinal injury, amputations and multiple fracture injury claims.

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Duty Of Care From Employers

Employers are legally obliged to keep their workforce safe whilst on duty to prevent factory and building site accidents.

Employers owe a very high duty of care to ensure the site is safe and workers are well trained. They should ensure that employees, contractors and even visitors are safe when in a factory or on a building site. In order to do this, employers should carry out adequate risk assessments to highlight any hazards. From these risk assessments, safe working practices and procedures should be introduced and employers should ensure all workers stick to these.

Employers also have to ensure that all factory and construction site workers are provided with the necessary protective clothing, including hard hats, ear protectors and safety gloves, among other items.

It is also important that employers provide workers with any machinery or tools that are required to safely undertake the job and that all machinery and tools are well maintained and safe to use. Adequate training should be given to operate this equipment too. They must also ensure that workers take regular breaks when using heavy duty equipment.

Training must also be given to any workers who are required to undertake heavy lifting, to avoid putting strain on muscles and avoid the risk of back injury and other injuries occurring.

Work colleagues should also follow the correct rules and procedures in factories and building sites, to ensure everyone in the workplace is protected from hazards.

If an employer fails to do any of these things and you are involved in an accident whilst on a building site or in a factory, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

We have specialist factory accident compensation lawyers who can advise you in confidence on making a claim. Your employer by law has to have insurance which covers them for accidents at work and employee injuries. Therefore, you will normally be claiming against your employer’s insurers and they will pay any work accident compensation rather than your employer.

Freeclaim Solicitors handle all factory and building site accident claims on a no win no fee basis. This means that if we do not win your case, you do not have to pay us a penny, so there’s no financial risk to you.

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Common Factory and Building Site Accident Claims

There can be many different reasons for factory and building site accidents, including amongst others:

All of these reasons for building site and factory accidents and other accidents at work can lead to serious injuries being sustained. It is vital that employers assess the risks posed to their employees and act to prevent these accidents from happening. If your employer fails to do this, you have the right to claim accident compensation.

Factory and Building Site Accidents Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of factory and building site claims we have dealt with:

  • Mr K sustained personal injury when he was working at a metal sorting factory. His arm became caught between two rollers in one of the sorting machines that was not adequately guarded. He sustained multiple fractures to his arm and required surgery. He was awarded £75,000 in factory accident compensation.
  • Mr S was working renovating a listed building, when he stepped on a loose brick on some stairs, causing him to fall. As he was working in an old building, there was not adequate lighting for our client to see where he was stepping. As a result of the fall he sustained a fracture to his left wrist, sprain to his right wrist and a swollen knee. He received £10,000 for his building site accident claim.
  • Mrs L claimed over £2,500 in injury compensation after she sustained a laceration and fracture of her thumb whilst she was cleaning a machine in a biscuit factory. Her thumb became trapped when the converter belt she was cleaning suddenly turned on, dragging her hand into the machine. She had not been provided with the correct safety lock to use whilst cleaning the machine.
  • Mr L sustained injury to his lower back and suffered from a trapped sciatic nerve after manually moving heavy cages at work. He was required to do this as the machine that would usually carry out the work was broken, so workers had to manually pull the crates along. He received £6,000 for his work accident claim.