Airport Accident Claims

Airport accident claims, whether by employees, contractors or visitors and passengers are far too common and therefore health and safety procedures are crucial. Airports can be extremely busy environments with lots of hustle and bustle, making it easy for accidents to occur.

Plus, due to the nature of some of the airport based jobs and roles, these workplace accidents tend to cause significant injuries and distress to those involved.

We can also help if you’ve been injured whilst visiting an airport either for business or pleasure. Often people’s minds are on their holidays, rather than their safety and the safety of others around them. Therefore the potential for accidents is high and unfortunately, many holidays are ruined before they have even begun.

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Common airport accident compensation claims

In 2010/12 there were over 1500 airport accidents reported to the Health and Safety Executive, with a total of 390 accidents reported from cargo handlers alone. Handling accidents made up nearly half of all accidents reported in airports, followed by slips and trips and people being hit by moving or falling objects.

Some of the more common causes of accidents in airports can include:

  • Trips and falls over suitcases – suitcases are often left in places that are easy for people to trip over. They can also tip over and cause obstructions for people, making them fall and sustain injury.
  • Falls due to wet surfaces or debris – particularly common in areas of high footfall around the terminal.
  • Accidents involving airport vehicles – incorrect training on the use of vehicles can lead to accidents occurring, potentially causing injury to the person operating them, as well as passengers and pedestrians.
  • Manual handling injuries – baggage handlers are often not given the correct training on manual handling and lifting heavy objects, resulting in them sustaining injuries.
  • Transport accidents – for example whilst embarking and disembarking an aircraft, and transport accidents around the terminal or between different terminal buildings.
  • Food poisoning from a café or food outlet at the airport.

How we can help

There are many different types of airport accidents that a visitor, airport employee or contractor could be involved in. The injury may have been caused by the negligence of the airport, airline, an employee or a holidaymaker. We have experienced solicitors who can help with all types of airport accident compensation claims, including:

To find out more, call our specialist personal injury solicitors. We have a track record of success in helping clients win the compensation they deserve after an injury. We also offer no win no fee so that there’s no financial risk to you, just expert legal help whilst you recover.

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Airport Accident Claims Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of claims we have dealt with:

  • Mr M was working loading aircrafts with freight and passenger baggage when he sustained two fractures to his finger. This was as a consequence of a metal pallet slipping and crushing his finger. As a result of these crush injuries our client sustained nerve damage in his hand which caused him severe pain. He had to undergo surgery to try and alleviate some of his discomfort. Freeclaim Solicitors helped him to claim £14,720 in compensation.
  • Mr M slipped on a runway when he was working at an airport transporting planes onto the runway. He stepped onto tarmac that was covered in de-icer. The tarmac was painted and so did not absorb the de-icer, meaning it remained slippery despite the de-icer being used earlier in the day. Plus, the tarmac had not been cleaned appropriately. Our client sustained injury to his right leg and received £16,000.