Accident at Work Compensation Claims

If you have been involved in an accident in the workplace which was not your fault, or have suffered an illness or disease, we can help you make a claim for compensation. We will need to prove that your injury or illness was caused by somebody else’s negligence; for example your employer or a contractor.

At Freeclaim Solicitors, we realise the stress people are put under when they have had an accident at work. Injuries can sometimes mean long periods of absence from work, which may result in a loss of earnings, as well as paying for any medical assistance required.

Claiming compensation can help cover these costs. We can also look to alleviate these financial stresses by securing interim payments from the Defendants to cover medical fees, as well as getting you the help you need to speed your recovery.

Your Employer’s Duty of Care

In the UK, an employer has a duty of care to ensure that all working environments are safe and appropriate for their employees to carry out the work expected of them. They must carry out a risk assessment on all activities and have regular checks on all equipment used to ensure it reaches adequate standards.

Within their duty of care, employers should:

  • Provide the correct machinery and tools and make sure they are in a safe condition.
  • Have a safe and tidy workplace to avoid hazards – for example, your employer must ensure that corridors are kept clear.
  • Give correct training to all members of staff – for example, ensuring staff know how to work machinery or how to lift correctly.
  • Provide the relevant safety equipment, such as hard hats, safety gloves, high visibility jackets, dust masks and ear defenders.

If your employer fails in this duty of care and you become injured as a result, you may be able to make a compensation claim. You can also make a claim if the accident was caused by the negligence of another member of staff.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen frequently and can range from minor injuries to very serious head and brain injuries, spinal injuries and multiple fractures.

Making an accident at work compensation claim

Don’t be put off making a claim against your employer. Your employer cannot dismiss you for making a compensation claim.

All businesses by law must have insurance which covers them for employee accidents in the workplace. If you win your work injury claim, it is not your employer who pays. Your damages will be paid by the insurance company.

By making an injury at work claim, you are also highlighting these dangers, ensuring that someone else will not be injured in the same way.

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Common accident at work claims

Our experienced personal injury lawyers have a track record of success in helping clients with many different types of injuries and illnesses (see our case studies below), including:

Despite a focus on health and safety, accidents in the workplace are very common. In 2013/14, 133 workers were killed as a result of an accident at work. A further 78,000 injuries were reported to have happened as result of a workplace accident.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents are expected to increase further due to cuts in funding of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Accident at Work Compensation Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of claims we have dealt with:

  • Mr O sustained a rupture of his quadriceps muscle which required surgical intervention after a slipping accident at work. He was unable to return to work for several months and also suffered psychological symptoms as a result of this. Our solicitors rejected the low offer of £30,000 initially and his claim ultimately resolved in the amount of £117,000 damages.
  • Mr W received £12,000 in compensation after suffering a lower back injury in a manual handling claim.
  • Mr R injured his ankle after a fall when he was working as a maintenance engineer. The injuries to his ankle resulted in him developing complex regional pain syndrome, causing him to be largely wheelchair bound. He was awarded £575,000 compensation, including rehabilitation and treatment costs.
  • Mr M received £17,500 after suffering debilitating arm injuries (later diagnosed as tennis elbow) whilst working in a bakery.
  • Mr R received £55,000 damages after being involved in a road accident in Kenya whilst serving in the army in a claim against the Ministry of Defence (MOD).
  • Mr H suffered a serious accident at work. Freeclaim Solicitors were successful in helping him win his accident at work compensation claim and he received nearly £300,000 even though he was claiming benefits.
  • Mrs C received £2,800 after slipping at work where the wrong type of cleaning products had been used on the floors.
  • Mr L sustained injury after he fell carrying a large box from a ladder whilst working in a warehouse. Our solicitors argued that the large boxes should have been stored at ground level, so as to avoid the risks of using a ladder for retrieving large boxed goods. His claim was successful and he received £4,500 in damages.

How we can help after an accident at work

Freeclaim Solicitors are expert accident at work solicitors based in the UK. We have over 30 years’ experience winning compensation claims for clients who have been injured at work.

In order to be successful in your workplace accident claim you need to prove that your accident was as a result of a fault of your employer. We can help you build the case against them and show that they were to blame for your accident.

Our experienced workplace injury lawyers will provide you with free, impartial advice about your compensation claim. Thereafter, all accident at work claims are handled on a no win no fee basis. This means that there are no charges if your compensation claim is not successful.

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