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Work Accident Claims Due To Faulty Work Equipment

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Employers have a responsibility to make sure that work equipment is safe. Work accident claims due to faulty equipment can include any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work (whether exclusively or not).

If you’ve suffered injury due to dangerous or faulty work equipment, we can advise you on whether you can make a work accident compensation claim. We have a specialist team of accident at work solicitors who have the legal knowledge to combat the issues that can arise in faulty work equipment claims. Contact our work accident claims solicitors onor fill in our enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

Remember, every employer has to ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and is in good repair. Inspections of work equipment are often required for example if equipment is exposed to conditions likely to cause deterioration.

Employees also have to be adequately trained on methods of use, risks and precautions.  Your employer has to take measures to protect you against dangerous or potentially faulty machine parts.

About Work Accident Claims 

Some of the more common work accident claims can include injuries caused by:

  • Work equipment that has not been properly maintained
  • Work equipment and machinery that has not been regularly inspected and left to deteriorate
  • Faulty work equipment that has not been repaired correctly
  • Work equipment or machinery which is inadequate for the job
  • Employees using work equipment that they have not been adequately trained for
  • Ill fitting protective clothing, masks and gloves whilst handling machinery
Work Accident Claims Solicitors
Work Accident Claims Solicitors
Work Accident claims Solicitors
Defective or dangerous machinery can cause more serious injuries including crush injuries, eye injuries, loss of limb and even fatal injuries. By making a a work accident compensation claim, it will also help ensure that the same will not happen to another member of staff.

You are advised to start your work accidents compensation claim as soon after the accident as you can. The quicker your compensation claim is made, the easier it is to properly investigate the accident. It is also easier for witnesses to remember what took place.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to dangerous work equipment or machinery, or inadequate training, call us today. You will be assigned a specialist work accident claims solicitor who is an expert in faulty work equipment claims.

You can be sure that your compensation claim will be handled efficiently and professionally. You can contact us using the online enquiry form below or call our 24 hour work accident claims helpline on .

Work Accident Claims Case Studies

Mr M severed several fingers on his right hand when he was trying to free paper from a cutting machine. The machine should have had a safety mechanism that would stop any dangerous moving parts of the machine if they were exposed. This did not happen and as a result our client sustained serious injuries. He received £225,000 in accident at work compensation.

Mr K sustained serious injuries to his arm when it was trapped in a conveyer belt machine. His injuries included multiple fractures, dislocations to his elbow and shoulder and soft tissue damage. The machine has been repaired after a breakdown; however, the protective guard had not been replaced. Freeclaim work accident claims solicitors helped our client to claim £75,000 in compensation.

Miss C claimed £3,800 in work accident compensation after an accident in a cotton factory. A tube in a machine that was supposed to be bolted down came loose, lifted, and landed on her ankle. She sustained a fracture to her ankle and was unable to work for several weeks.

Mr D was working for an electrical firm when he was asked to smooth sheet metal ready to make fuse boxes. Our client had not been fully trained to use the machine to do this work, and was provided with inadequate eye protection. As a result, he sustained damage to his eye when a piece of metal debris became imbedded. He received over £4,710 in work accident compensation.

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